Peak Flow Meter

IndoSurgicals is a trusted supplier of peak flow meters in India, offering reliable and accurate devices to monitor respiratory function. Our peak flow meters are available in various models, including the renowned brand Rossmax, and comply with the EN ISO 23747:2009 standard for quality and performance.


Our range includes peak flow meters for both adults and children, catering to the specific needs of each patient. These devices provide valuable measurements to assess lung function and manage respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD effectively.


At IndoSurgicals, we prioritize quality and compliance, ensuring that our peak flow meters meet the highest standards. With our reliable devices, healthcare professionals and individuals can track and manage respiratory health with confidence. Choose IndoSurgicals as your trusted peak flow meter supplier in India and experience accurate and dependable respiratory monitoring.

Please send your Peak Flow Meter requirement with quantity at so that we can provide you our best CIF/C&F prices.

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