X-Ray View Box

We are a well-known manufacturer and supplier of X-Ray View Box which are required in hospitals, medical institutes and nursing homes. Excellent in functioning and ensuring optimal viewing quality, X-Ray View Box are available in economy range with Flourescent Tubes and high quality LED based. Being light in weight, compact in dimension and embodying aesthetic & ergonomic viewing panel and uniform surface, X-Ray View Box guarantee the optimum result as congruous diffused illumination because of sophisticated circuitous fluorescent tube. The most advanced and efficient X-Ray View Box, designed by us, are available on the market as our every model is strictly tested on recommended guidelines and quality parameters laid down by the international industry.
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LED X-Ray View Box (Deluxe Quality)

LED X-Ray View Box (Deluxe Quality)
Product Details :
  • Adopt LED light source with life of 50.000 hours
  • With high brightness of more than 4000lux. exclusive for viewing detail image freely.
  • Light source, layout in equal spaced points, which is more uniform and the uniformity of luminance is above 90%.
  • Individual function for each bank.
  • The light frequency is above 50KHz. effectively relieves the fatigue of vision.
  • Adopts advance clamping film setting which is suitable for different thickness film. Avoids the drawbacks of rolling film setting as film easily fall down and hard to lock.
  • The wide power design which fit for the power of different areas, the viewers work well within AC10O-250V.
  • Ultra thin design and the power set inside the viewer, thickness is approx. 4.5cm. available for desk and wall mounting, effective use of space.
Item Code 91000 91001 91002 91003
  Single Film Double Film Triple Film Four Film
Viewing Area (Inch) 14 x 17 28 x 17 42 x 17 56 x 17
External Dimension (mm) 500 x 512 x 47 850 x 512 x 47 1200 x 512 x 47 1570 x 512 x 47
Color Temperature >8000K >8000K >8000K >8000K
Light Source LED LED LED LED
Lamp Life Approx. 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours
Power AC100-220V, 50HZ AC100-220V, 50HZ AC100-220V, 50HZ AC100-220V, 50HZ
Power Supply 45W 90W 135W 180W

LED X-Ray View Box with Automatic Film Activation and Variable Brightness Control

LED X-Ray View Box with Automatic Film Activation and Variable Brightness Control
Product Details :
  • Body: Powder Coated MS Cabinet with Aluminum Frame
  • View: Single, Double, Triple and Four View Available
  • Sheet: Acrylic Sheet
  • Power: 12 V, 50-60Hz
  • Bulb: High Glossy Led Bulbs
  • Parts: Heavy Duty Switch & Socket Used
  • Safety: Shock Proof Mechanism
  • Holding: Plastic Clips for X-ray film Holding
  • Handling: Light Weight & Portable
Item Code Type
91080 Single Film
91081 Double Film
91082 Triple Film
91083 Four Film

Flourescent Tubes X-Ray View Box

Flourescent Tubes X-Ray View Box
Product Details :
  • Flourescent Tubes, Plastic Body
  • With high brightness
Item Code Type
91004 X-Ray Viewer Single Film
91005 X-Ray Viewer Double Film
91006 X-Ray Viewer Triple Film
91007 X-Ray Viewer Four Film