Slim LED X Ray View Box (25mm Thickness) With Dimmer & Sensor

SKU: 91004
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Introducing the IndoSurgicals Slim LED X-Ray View Box with Dimmer & Sensor, a revolutionary solution for precise X-ray film viewing. As the largest and most trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of X-ray view boxes, X-ray film viewers, or X-ray lobbies, IndoSurgicals Private Limited is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products worldwide. Our X-ray film illuminators are relied upon by hospitals, healthcare facilities, maternity homes, clinics, radiography centers, and dental clinics globally. Let's explore the exceptional features of our Slim LED X-Ray View Box:


  • Edge-lit LED Technology: Our Slim LED X-Ray View Box utilizes cutting-edge edge-lit LED technology. This innovative lighting solution involves strategically placing LED light sources along the edges of a transparent or translucent panel. The light is then diffused and evenly distributed across the surface, resulting in cool and homogeneous illumination.
  • Ultra-Slim Profile: With a remarkable thickness of only 25mm (less than 1 inch), our Slim LED X-Ray View Box is exceptionally sleek and space-saving. This slim design ensures convenient installation without compromising on performance or functionality.
  • Dimmer & Sensor: Each size of our X-Ray View Box is equipped with a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the screen, allowing for optimal viewing conditions. Additionally, an automatic film activation sensor is installed separately for each film bank. For instance, a single film configuration will have one dimmer and one sensor, while multiple film configurations will have corresponding dimmers and sensors.
  • Advanced LED Light Source: Our X-Ray View Box incorporates an advanced LED light source with an impressive lifespan exceeding 100,000 hours. This long-lasting and energy-efficient lighting solution ensures consistent and reliable illumination for detailed image viewing.
  • High Brightness & Uniformity: With a high brightness level exceeding 8000 Lux, our Slim LED X-Ray View Box provides exceptional clarity for viewing intricate details in X-ray films. The light source is arranged in equal spaced points, resulting in a uniform luminance of over 95%. This feature guarantees precise image evaluation.
  • Eye-Friendly & Fatigue-Relieving: Operating at a light frequency above 50 Hz, our X-Ray View Box effectively reduces eye fatigue during extended viewing sessions. This ensures a comfortable and strain-free experience for radiologists, technicians, and healthcare professionals.
  • Advanced Film Setting: Our X-Ray View Box features an advanced clamping film setting, accommodating films of various thicknesses. This design eliminates the drawbacks associated with rolling film settings, such as film slippage and difficulties in locking.
  • Wide Power Compatibility: Designed with a wide power range, our X-Ray View Box is suitable for different power supplies in various regions. It operates flawlessly within AC100-270V, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Our Slim LED X-Ray View Box is designed for both desk and wall mounting, providing flexible installation options and effective space utilization. Whether you prefer a desk setup or wall mounting, our view box adapts to your specific requirements.


IndoSurgicals Slim LED X-Ray View Box with Dimmer & Sensor offers unparalleled precision and efficiency in X-ray film viewing. With its edge-lit LED technology, ultra-slim profile, dimming capabilities, advanced LED light source, high brightness, uniformity, eye-friendly operation, advanced film setting, wide power compatibility, and versatile mounting options, it surpasses expectations in the medical imaging field. Join the ranks of numerous corporate hospitals and healthcare facilities that rely on IndoSurgicals for their X-ray film viewing needs. Order now and experience the exceptional quality and functionality of our Slim LED X-Ray View Box.

SKU 91004
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  Single Film Double Film Triple Film Four Film
Viewing Area (Inch) 14 x 17 28 x 17 42 x 17 56 x 17
External Dimension (mm) 505 x 504 x 25 884 x 504 x 25 1257 x 504 x 25 1635 x 504 x 25
Color Temperature 8000K 8000K 8000K 8000K
Light Source LED LED LED LED
Brightness 10,000 LUX 10,000 LUX 10,000 LUX 10,000 LUX
Lamp Life Approx. 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours
Power AC 100-270 V (47-53 HZ) AC 100-220 V (50 HZ) AC 100-220 V (50 HZ) AC 100-220 V (50 HZ)
Power Supply 30 W 60 W 90 W 120 W