Slim LED X Ray View Box (25mm Thickness) With Dimmer & Sensor

SKU: 91004
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details
  • It has the thickness of 25mm (less than 1 inches)
  • All Sizes X-Ray View Box comes with dimmer to Adjust Brightness of Screen (Intensity Controller) and Automatic Film Activation (Auto Switch) for each bank installed separately, for example single film will have one dimmer and one sensor, two films will have two dimmers and two sensors, three films will have three dimmers and three sensors, and four films
  • Adopt LED light source with life of more than 100,000 hours
  • With high brightness of more than 8000 Lux. exclusive for viewing detail image freely.
  • Light source, layout in equal spaced points, which is more uniform and the uniformity of luminance is above 90%.
  • The light frequency is above 50 Hz. effectively relieves the fatigue of vision.
  • Adopts advance clamping film setting which is suitable for different thickness film. Avoids the drawbacks of rolling film setting as film easily fall down and hard to lock.
  • The wide power design which fit for the power of different areas, the viewers work well within AC100-270V.
  • Ultra thin design and the power set inside the viewer.
  • Available for desk and wall mounting, effective use of space.
SKU 91004
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  Single Film Double Film Triple Film Four Film
Viewing Area (Inch) 14 x 17 28 x 17 42 x 17 56 x 17
External Dimension (mm) 505 x 504 x 25 884 x 504 x 25 1257 x 504 x 25 1635 x 504 x 25
Color Temperature 8000K 8000K 8000K 8000K
Light Source LED LED LED LED
Brightness 10,000 LUX 10,000 LUX 10,000 LUX 10,000 LUX
Lamp Life Approx. 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours
Power AC 100-270 V (47-53 HZ) AC 100-220 V (50 HZ) AC 100-220 V (50 HZ) AC 100-220 V (50 HZ)
Power Supply 30 W 60 W 90 W 120 W