Premium Orthopedic Instrument Sets

Discover the excellence of precision with IndoSurgicals Private Limited's Premium Orthopedic Instrument Sets, where advanced technology meets top-notch craftsmanship. As one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, IndoSurgicals is dedicated to providing the best quality orthopedic tools essential for a range of surgical interventions. Our meticulously designed collections include the Broken Screw Removal Set, Nail Removal Set, Spine Instruments Sets, PFNA 2 Set, Small Fragment Set, Large Fragment Set, DHS/DCS Set, and Elastic Nail Instruments Sets.


Each set in our Premium Orthopedic Instrument Sets category is crafted to meet the rigorous demands of surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics across the globe. Renowned for durability and precision, our instruments are engineered to assist in complex surgeries, ensuring the utmost care and efficiency needed during orthopedic procedures. IndoSurgicals stands as a top brand and a beacon of excellence in the medical manufacturing industry.


Whether you are looking to equip your medical facility with the latest in nail removal technology or need a comprehensive set for spine surgeries, IndoSurgicals' Premium Orthopedic Instrument Sets are your go-to choice. Supplying to numerous countries worldwide, IndoSurgicals is committed to enhancing surgical practices through innovative solutions and steadfast service. Elevate your surgical capabilities with IndoSurgicals Private Limited, where each instrument set stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and reliability in the medical field.


Broken Screw Removal Set: Designed for the extraction of broken or stripped screws during orthopedic surgeries, ensuring safe and efficient removal without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Nail Removal Set: Utilized for the extraction of orthopedic nails, this set is essential for revision surgeries and cases where nail removal is required for healing or further treatment.

Spine Instruments Sets: Tailored for various spinal surgeries, these sets include tools for discectomy, laminectomy, and spinal fusion, supporting surgeons in precise and safe spinal manipulations.

PFNA 2 Set: Specifically designed for Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation surgeries, this set facilitates the accurate placement and stabilization of femoral nails in hip fractures.

Small Fragment Set: Ideal for surgeries involving small bones or small fragments, such as in the hand, wrist, foot, and ankle, providing precise instrumentation for fixation and manipulation.

Large Fragment Set: Used in treatments of large bone fractures, such as those in the legs, arms, and pelvis, this set helps in the proper alignment and fixation of large bone fragments.

DHS/DCS Set: Essential for Dynamic Hip and Condylar Screw placement surgeries, these sets assist in the fixation of hip and femoral fractures, promoting optimal joint function and recovery.

Elastic Nail Instruments Sets: Designed for pediatric and adult patients needing minimally invasive solutions for long bone fractures, these sets facilitate the insertion and removal of elastic nails.

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