Large Fragment Instrument Set (Premium Quality)

SKU: 36477
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited proudly stands as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of high-quality surgical instruments globally. Among our esteemed products, the IS IndoSurgicals Large Fragment Instrument Set is renowned for its superior quality and reliability. Trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide, our product is a staple in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics across numerous countries.


Large Fragment Instrument Set Use

The IS IndoSurgicals Large Fragment Instrument Set is meticulously designed for use in a variety of surgical procedures involving large bone fragments. This comprehensive set is essential for orthopedic surgeries requiring precision and reliability, making it an indispensable tool for surgeons aiming to achieve the best outcomes for their patients.


Product Specifications

Our Large Fragment Instrument Set includes a variety of tools, each crafted to meet the rigorous demands of surgical environments:

  • Countersink Drill: Φ 6mm, Quantity: 1
  • Taps: Sizes HA 3.5 and HB 4, Quantity: 1 each
  • Screw Extractors: Protected and Broken, Quantity: 1 each
  • Double-end Guide: Φ 2.5mm, Quantity: 1
  • Depth Gauge and Plate Bending Wrench: 2x1, Quantity: 1 each
  • Screw Driver (Hex): SW 2.5, Quantity: 1
  • Periosteal Elevators: Flat 12 and Round 6.5, Quantity: 1 each
  • Hohmann Retractors: 2x1, Quantity: 2
  • Screw Holder, Small Reduction with Point Forceps, Small Reduction Forceps, and Small Self-Centering Forceps: Quantity: 1 each for holders and forceps, 2 for self-centering forceps
  • Drill Bits: Φ 2.5x115mm and Φ 3.0x115mm, Quantity: 2 each
  • Drill Sleeves: 2.5/3.5 and 3/4, Quantity: 1 each
  • Plate Model: Quantity: 1


At IndoSurgicals, we commit to providing only the best quality products. Our Large Fragment Instrument Set is manufactured under the strictest quality control standards to ensure durability, functionality, and safety for all surgical applications.


List of items in Large Fragment Instrument Set:

SN Description Size Qty.
1 Countersink drill Φ 6 1
2 Tap HA 3.5 1
3 Tap HB 4 1
4 Protected screw extractor   1
5 Broken screw extractor   1
6 Double-end guide Φ 2.5 1
7 Depth gauge   1
8 Plate bending wrench 2x1 1
9 Screw driver (Hex) SW 2.5 1
10 Periosteal elevator Flat 12 1
11 Periosteal elevator Round 6.5 1
12 Hohmann retractor 2x1 2
13 Screw holder   1
14 Small reduction with point forceps   1
15 Small reduction forceps   1
16 Small self-centering forceps   2
17 Drill bit Φ 2.5x115 2
18 Drill bit Φ 3.0x115 2
19 Drill sleeve 2.5/3.5 1
20 Drill sleeve 3\4 1
21 Plate Model   1