Periosteal Elevator

IndoSurgicals, the largest and leading manufacturer of Orthopedic Periosteal Elevators, offers a range of instruments designed for convenient and flawless use. These Periosteal Elevators serve a vital role in orthopedic surgeries by facilitating the lifting and separation of the periosteum from the bone surface.


The primary use of Periosteal Elevators is to create a space between the periosteum and the bone, allowing surgeons to access and manipulate the underlying bone structure with precision. This instrument is commonly employed in procedures such as bone grafting, fracture reduction, and implant placement.


IndoSurgicals prioritizes the use of best quality raw materials in the manufacturing of these instruments, ensuring their durability and reliability. The Periosteal Elevators are designed with ergonomic handles to provide convenience and control, minimizing surgeon fatigue during lengthy procedures.


Choose IndoSurgicals for your orthopedic instrument needs and experience the superior quality and convenience of our Periosteal Elevators. Explore our product range, including curved and straight options, and discover how our instruments can enhance your surgical practice.

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