Hot Air Sterilizer

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Hot Air Sterilizer, Double Wall , Universal Type, Upto 250ºC

Hot Air Sterilizer, Double Wall , Universal Type, Upto 250ºC Supplier
Product Details :
  • Upto 250ºC (Laboratory Electric Oven Universal Type)
  • Temperature Thermostatically controlled by hydraulic thermostat from 50ºC to 250ºC with a sensitivity of +/- 1ºC in Bare Oven.
  • Beaded heating elements are placed in ribs at the bottom and sides.
  • Built in L-shape thermometer. Double walled, inside made of Aluminium or Stainless Steel & outside mild steel sheet painted with attractive stove enamel with adjustable wire mesh nickel plated trays, on/off Rocker switch with Indicator & Thermostat Indicator, to work on 220/230 Volts A.C.
Item CodeSize (W x H x D)Capacity(Ltrs.)TraysChamber Type
30030300x300x300mm (12"x12"x12")27 Ltrs.2ALUMINIUM CHAMBERS
30031300x300x300mm (12"x12"x12")27 Ltrs.2S.S. CHAMBERS
30032350x350x350mm (14"x14"x14")43 Ltrs.2ALUMINIUM CHAMBERS
30033350x350x350mm (14"x14"x14")43 Ltrs.2S.S. CHAMBERS
30034450x450x450mm (18"x18"x18")91 Ltrs.2ALUMINIUM CHAMBERS
30035450x450x450mm (18"x18"x18")91 Ltrs.2S.S. CHAMBERS
30036450x600x450mm (18"x24"x18")122 Ltrs.2ALUMINIUM CHAMBERS
30037450x600x450mm (18"x24"x18")122 Ltrs.2S.S. CHAMBERS
30038600x600x600mm (24"x24"x24")216 Ltrs.2ALUMINIUM CHAMBERS
30039600x600x600mm (24"x24"x24")216 Ltrs.2S.S. CHAMBERS
30040600x900x450mm (24"x36"x18")243 Ltrs.3ALUMINIUM CHAMBERS
30041600x900x450mm (24"x36"x18")243 Ltrs.3S.S. CHAMBERS
30042600x900x600mm (24"x36"x24")324 Ltrs.3ALUMINIUM CHAMBERS
30043600x900x600mm (24"x36"x24")324 Ltrs.3S.S. CHAMBERS

Hot Air Sterilizer, Triple Wall with Air Circulating System upto 250ºC

Hot Air Sterilizer, Triple Wall with Air Circulating System upto 250ºC Supplier
Product Details :
  • (Laboratory Electric Oven), Triple Wall with Air Circulating System upto 250ºC
  • In this system there is one path of circulating Hot Air in between the inner chamber and insulation.
  • Forced air, moved by the motorized blower results in minimum temperature variation at any point in working space.
  • Temperature controlled by Digital Indicator cum Controller PID based with Safety Alarm from 50ºC to 250ºC with a Sensitivity of +/- 1ºC or better in Bare Oven.
  • Working chamber is made of Stainless steel 304 grade and outside made of mild steel painted with good stoving enamel with adjustable wire mesh Nickel plated trays.
  • To work on 220/230 Volts A.C. supply.
Item CodeLitres (Approx)SizeTrays
3004443 Lts.350x350x350mm (14"x14"x14")2
3004591 Lts.450x450x450mm (18"x18"x18")2
30046122 Lts.450x600x450mm (18"x24"x18")2
30047216 Lts.600x600x600mm (24"x24"x24")2
30048243 Lts.600x900x450mm (24"x36"x18")3

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