Our quality begins with the raw materials the device is made with. We select suppliers very carefully by inspection and strict checklist. Their plants are regularly inspected (minimum twice a year) to keep the quality levels under control and the products they supply undergo the strictest quality controls.


Our Quality Assurance team is highly qualified and well trained and responsible for:


  • Developing procedures of supplier selection
  • Supplier inspection, analysis and selection
  • Periodic Inspection of supplier
  • Developing the product specification using national and International product standards
  • Developing and implementing appropriate procedure for production activities
  • Defining criteria of examination and assessment of the critical parameters of the product by using risk analysis technique
  • Defining the appropriate tests and checks to be made during the most critical process stages
  • Ensuring the execution of all pre defined production operations and quality checks to prevent non conforming products and guarantee the quality, effectiveness and safety of the device


At IndoSurgicals the Quality Control laboratory periodically conducts all necessary tests on the device to confirm its compliance with approved specifications. Attention to control is the common denominator of all the production activities in IndoSurgicals universe.


The Quality Assurance department of each manufacturing unit reports to our Delhi H.O. Q.A. Team which is responsible for supervising and standardising the level of quality wherever a device is manufactured. The decision to pay attention to every single detail has led IndoSurgicals to adopt a philosophy that places quality at the heart of every choice.


  • That's why all raw material suppliers are selected and monitored with inspections directly at the production plants wherever they may be located throughout the world;
  • That's why training courses are held continuously for all those who, for various reasons, form part of the device production chain;
  • That's why technologically advanced machinery is used and subjected to periodic checks to always ensure its correct operation;
  • That's why the packaging of products is checked before being marketed to guarantee compliance with the specifications meets the national and International standards and approved by the health authorities of many countries.
  • That's how, control after control, an IndoSurgicals device is born.

Whenever IndoSurgicals distribute a device it also provides necessary scientific information to distributor so that their knowledge about the device is complete, for the keeping the device safety and effectiveness intact during storage and transport.