OT Tables

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Hydraulic Operation Table

Hydraulic Operation Table Supplier
Product Details :

Salient Features 

  • A Single Action Hydraulic pump Controlled by a Foot pedal. Fully S. S. covered base mounted on Heavy duty Castors with auto floor locking system. The detachable leg section provides easy lithotomy Positioning.
  • Five Section S. S. Top with large perineal cutout for drainage tray. built in kidney bridge. The Improved Hydraulic system Speed of lowering the table is permanently set.
  • The table is finished with extra hand. Permanent finish. Ovan baked paint and all the accessories are stainless steel.

Standard Accessories: 

  • Anesthetic frame.
  • Padded side supports
  • Intravenous Armboard
  • Padded Shoulder Supports
  • lithotomy Leg holder with straps
  • Footrest with S. S. Top

Technical Data: 

  • Length of the table top: 180 to 195 cms
  • Width of the table top: 50 cms
  • Minimum Height: 80+5 cms
  • Hydraulic Lift: 95+5 cms
  • Lateral Tilt: 22°
  • Longitudinal Tilt: 30°


  • Water proof Rubber Mattress
  • radio-graphic Top
  • Neurosurgical Attachment
  • Geopel type lithotomy Crutches with straps
  • Orthopedic attachment

OT Table Hydraulic C-Arm Compatible with Ortho Attachment

OT Table Hydraulic C-Arm Compatible with Ortho Attachment Supplier
Product Details :

Salient Features 

  • Four Sectional radiolucent top.
  • Eccentrically positioned top for maximum access for movement of C- Arm image intensifier.
  • Base and cover made of heavy & hygienic stainless steel sheet.
  • Mobile on smooth running castors and floor locking system for stability.
  • Leg section and head section are Interchangeable.

Technical Data 

  • Overall length of table top: 1950 mm
  • Overall Width of table Top: 500 mm
  • Up-down Movement: 770-1020 mm
  • Kidney Section up: 150 mm
  • Trendelenburg position: 25°
  • Trendelenburg & Reverse Position: 25°
  • Lateral Tilt: 20°(both sides)
  • Leg Section: 90° down manual

Orthopaedic Attachment's Features 

  • Specially designed for intra operative x-rays image intensifier.
  • Removable pelvis rest and x-ray translucent pelvis stem.
  • Stirring instruments allows flexion/raising of legs and stirring ball joints locked from foot-end.
  • Padded orthopaedic knee crutches provide support to the legs of the patient.
  • Two Traction devices on sliding spot with ball joint allowing flexion and rotations of foot, with traction shoes with metallic sole.

OT Table Motorised C-Arm Compatible

OT Table Motorised C-Arm Compatible Supplier
Product Details :


  • Modern design Electric operation Table Radio Translucent Top for use of C-Arm Image Intensifier such as general surgery and certain special surgical procedure etc.
  • Eccentric position table column and inter changeable head & leg section for maximum use of C-Arm Image Intensifier.
  • Smooth and accurate positioning by remote control for Hi-LO, Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg, lateral Tilt & Head side Raising / Lowering
  • Base and Column are covered with stainless steel sheet

Standard Accessories: 

  • Rubber Mattress Set
  • Anaesthetist Support
  • padded Shoulder Support
  • Wrist Strap
  • Arm Rest
  • Padded Lateral Support
  • Padded lithotomy Crutches

Technical Data:

  • Overall Length: 192cm
  • Width over side Railing: 57cm
  • Height 30° min. 40° Max.
  • Lift: 10 inches


  • Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg: 25°
  • Lateral tilt: Both side 22°
  • Head Section Detachable: 90° up
  • Leg Section: 90° down (Manual)
  • Flex / Reflex: 30° / 220°

Optional Accessories: 

  • Universal Orthopedic Attachment
  • S.S. Instrument Tray with hanger
  • S.S. Urology Tray
  • Neuro Surgery Attachment
  • Arm Surgery Attachment

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