Electrosurgical Unit and Accessories

IndoSurgicals Private Limited proudly presents a comprehensive lineup of Electrosurgical Units and Accessories, meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of the modern surgical environment. As a top manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, we are dedicated to delivering the best quality products, including a variety of Electrosurgical Units such as the 250 XL+, 250 MDD+, 400 DX+, 400 MATRIX+, 400 PRIMO, 400 DEXTER, and 400 PROSEAL+. These units are ideal for general surgical applications, boasting features that cater to the needs of visiting consultants through their compact and lightweight design for easy mobility.


Our commitment to enhancing surgical safety and precision is evident in our Electrosurgical Units' noiseless performance, which minimizes RF distortion in operating theater equipment. Key safety features like patient plate monitoring facilities safeguard against the risk of site burns, ensuring patient safety. The units offer independent mono-polar and bipolar outputs, allowing for simultaneous use with foot switches and manual control. The inclusion of LED indicators for power modes and an analog switch for precise power intensity adjustments further exemplifies our focus on functionality and user-friendly design.


IndoSurgicals also offers a wide range of accessories to complement our Electrosurgical Units, ensuring that surgical teams are equipped with everything they need for efficient and safe operations. Our accessories include the Cautery/Electrosurgical Pencil, Silicon Patient Plate, and Silicon Patient Plate Cable Moulded Compatible with Valleylab, enhancing connectivity and compatibility. For broader compatibility, we supply Cautery/Electrosurgical Adaptor cables Compatible with L&T and Valleylab, Monopolar Cable Compatible for L&T, Bipolar Cable Compatible for Valleylab, Bipolar Forceps Cable Compatible with L&T, and both Disposable Patient Plate Compatible with L&T diathermy and Covidien diathermy. Our surgical precision tools also feature ElectroSurgery Diathermy Straight Bipolar Forceps, Non-Stick Straight Bipolar Forceps, Electro Surgery Diathermy Bayonet Bipolar Forceps, and 19.5CM Bayonet Bipolar Forceps, offering unparalleled functionality and safety.


By choosing IndoSurgicals Private Limited, you align with a leader in Electrosurgical technology, trusted for our best quality Electrosurgical Units and Accessories. We are dedicated to supplying our products to surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics worldwide, enhancing surgical outcomes through innovation, safety, and precision.

Please send your Electrosurgical Unit and Accessories requirement with quantity at info@indosurgicals.com so that we can provide you our best CIF/C&F prices.

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