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Racks & Stands

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Universal Multi Rack

Universal Multi Rack Supplier
Product Details :
  • This rack is an excellent lab apparatus compatible with different sizes of tubes. Four sides of this rack can be used for tubes of ø30mm, ø20mm, ø17mm & ø12mm.
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Packing: 6 Pcs.

Fisher Clamp

Fisher Clamp Supplier
Product Details :
  • These Clamps are moulded in Polypropylene making it completely corrosion-proof. The spring loaded jack in the middle provides a vice like grip to the burette and prevents it from slipping. Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on rods having dia 1/2" or 3/8".
  • Material: Polypropylene
Item Code Type Packing
80053 Single 12 Pcs.
80054 Double 6 Pcs.

Flask Stand

Flask Stand Supplier
Product Details :
  • Moulded in Polypropylene, this flask stand gives a stair-like top view. Every step provides excellent support to the round bottom flask at every point of contact. This flask stand can hold round bottom flasks up to 10 Ltr. Capacity. This stackable flask stand can also be steam autoclaved.
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Packing: 6 Pcs.

Rack For Scintillation Vial

Rack For Scintillation Vial Supplier
Product Details :
  • These Racks for scintillation Vials, moulded in Polypropylene, are autoclavable & corrosion resistant. There is an individual rack for both 8 ml. & 20 ml. vials. These rugged & stable racks can hold scintillation vials for convenient storage, handling & sample preparations.
  • Material: Polypropylene
Item Code Type Packing
80056 Rack For 90 Vials 8ml 2 Pcs.
80057 Rack For 50 Vials 20ml 2 Pcs.

Rack For Petri Dishes

Rack For Petri Dishes Supplier
Product Details :
  • These Racks are clear acrylic construction with polycarbonate posts. 80058 has a capacity to hold 60 petri dishes of 90 mm size while in 80059 one can hold 56 petri dishes of 60mm. These racks are very useful during inoculation, incubation & Storage. Visibility from all sides enables the culture to be seen & checked during incubation.
  • Material: Polymethyl Methacrylate / Polycarbonate
Item Code Type Packing
80058 Rack for 90mm Petri Dishes 2 Pcs.
80059 Rack for 60mm Petri Dishes 2 Pcs.

Nestler Cylinder Stand

Nestler Cylinder Stand Supplier
Product Details :
  • This stand, as the name suggests, is used for keeping nestler cylinders. Made of polypropylene, this stand is available in two sizes, one for 50ml nestler cylinder & other for 100ml. nestler cylinder.
  • Material: Polypropylene
Item Code Type Packing
80060 Nestler Cylinder Stand 50ml 6 Pcs.
80061 Nestler Cylinder Stand 100ml 6 Pcs.

Test Tube Stand

Test Tube Stand Supplier
Product Details :
  • This autoclavable stand is perhaps the most commonly used test tube stand in various laboratories. For better visibility, this 6 place rack is end supported by 2 columns. The top plate has 2 holes for holding 25 mm dia test tubes, four holes to hold 16 mm dia tubes where as the base has corresponding hemispherical wells. It also has six vertical pins for drying tubes. Another option available in this section is a test tube stand in which all the holes in the top plates can hold 25 mm dia tubes.
  • Material: Polypropylene
Item Code  Type Packing
80062 Test Tube Stand (16 mm & 25 mm Ø Tubes) 12 Pcs.
80063 Test Tube Stand (25 mm Ø Tubes) 12 Pcs.

Test Tube Stand (Round)

Test Tube Stand (Round) Supplier
Product Details :
  • A handy, little, space saver, this circular twelve place polypropylene test tube stand has four 25 mm dia holes & eight 19 mm dia holes in its top plate. The base has matching hemispherical wells & 16 vetical pins for drying tubes surrounded by a trough to catch drippings. This autoclavable rack can be easily disassembled for cleaning purpose.
  • Size: 19 mm & 25 mm Ø Tubes
  • Material: Polypropylene

Rack For Micro Centrifuge Tubes

Rack For Micro Centrifuge Tubes Supplier
Product Details :
  • Moulded in Polycarbonate, these autoclavable racks are made for holding 1.5 ml. Micro centrifuge tubes. These racks have a unique stacking feature which prevents movement in any direction. The holes are numbered & lettered for easy indentification.
  • Material: Polycarbonate
Item Code Type Packing
80065 Rack For Micro Centrifuge Tubes, 24 Tubes 4 Pcs.
80066 Rack For Micro Centrifuge Tubes, 48 Tubes 4 Pcs.

Test Tube Stand (3-Tier) P.P

Test Tube Stand (3-Tier) P.P Supplier
Product Details :
  • These ingenious racks with a 3-tier design provide clear view of the tube contents & convenient insertion & removal of tubes. The PC Rack has transparent upper & middle plates where as in PP racks, every part is colored & opaque. These autoclavable racks can withstand sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Material: Polypropylene
Item Code Size Packing
80067 13 mm x 31 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80068 16 mm x 31 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80069 20 mm x 20 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80070 25 mm x 12 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80071 25 mm x 18 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80072 32 mm x 12 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80073 25 mm x 36 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80074 13 mm x 18 Tubes 4 Pcs.
80075 15 mm x 18 Tubes 4 Pcs.
80076 18 mm x 12 Tubes 4 Pcs.
80077 13 mm x 62 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80078 16 mm x 62 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80079 20 mm x 40 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80080 13 mm x 48 Tubes 2 Pcs.
80081 13 mm x 72 Tubes 2 Pcs.

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