Full Protection - Partial Over Lap (Wrap Around Lead Vest & Skirt)

SKU: 91461
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details

A two piece garment consisting of a vest to protect the upper torso front and back and an overlapping skirt designed to protect the lower torso front and back. Both panels are slightly overlapped at the front and secured with hook and loop type closure. At the overlapped area in front side, the lead value is double. Like their counterpart Full Wraparound Garment, the Vest and Skirt Garments generally rely on overlapping panels of protective material to achieve the desired protection level. The unique two piece design of the Vest and Skirt apron splits the total weight of the garment between the shoulders and the waist. These aprons are usually worn when the wearer has to undergo long-term radiation exposure such as orthopedic surgery, cardiac catheterization and EP lab.


Available Protection Levels (Lead Equivalent):
Front: 0.35mm & 0.5mm (Total equivalency at the front overlapped area is double.)
Back: 0.25 mm


Available Core Materials:

  • StPb™ Core material is Lead vinyl it offers a low cost, dependable heavy-duty solution that can be used for gamma radiation (nuclear medicine) and x-ray procedures (CT-assist, thorax) exceeding 120kV.
  • LiPb™ Core material is made from a combination of antimony and lead. It is lighter weight and maintains strong protective qualities.
  • NoPb™ Core Material is a lead-free protective material. It is a mixture of bismuth, tungsten and antimony. It meets the European standards for safe disposal. It is our lightest weight radiation protection material.