Frontal Protection Lead Vest & Skirt

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BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Introducing the IndoSurgicals Frontal Protection Lead Apron Vest & Skirt, a two-piece radiation protection garment designed to provide exceptional safety and comfort. As the largest and most trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of lead and lead-free radiation protection aprons, IndoSurgicals Private Limited is committed to delivering superior products worldwide. Our Lead & lead-free radiation protection aprons are extensively used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, radiodiagnostic centers, cath labs, urology procedures, c-arm procedures, and dental clinics. Let's explore the remarkable features of our Frontal Protection Lead Apron Vest & Skirt:


  • Tested Core Materials: All our core materials, including StPb®, LiPb®, and NoPb®, undergo rigorous testing from BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), ensuring their quality and effectiveness in radiation protection.
  • Available Protection Levels: The Frontal Protection Lead Apron Vest & Skirt is available in two lead equivalent protection levels: 0.35mm and 0.5mm. These options provide varying degrees of radiation attenuation based on specific requirements.
  • Multiple Core Material Options: We offer three core material options to cater to different needs. StPb® core material, made of lead vinyl, offers a cost-effective and dependable heavy-duty solution suitable for gamma radiation (nuclear medicine) and x-ray procedures exceeding 120kV. LiPb® core material combines antimony and lead, providing a lighter weight alternative without compromising protective qualities. NoPb® core material is a lead-free option made from a mixture of bismuth, tungsten, and antimony. It meets European standards for safe disposal and is our lightest weight radiation protection material.
  • Front Pocket for Dosimeter Badge: The apron features a front pocket specifically designed to hold a dosimeter badge. This allows the wearer to conveniently keep their dosimeter within reach for monitoring radiation exposure.
  • Padded Shoulders for Comfort: To enhance comfort during extended wear, the apron is equipped with padded shoulders. This feature helps distribute the weight of the garment evenly, reducing strain and fatigue on the shoulders.
  • Frontal Protection Design: The vest and skirt combination provides frontal protection, ensuring the upper and lower torso from the front are adequately shielded. This design is suitable for environments where radiation exposure to the back is not a major concern or when the wearer does not need to turn their back towards the radiation source.
  • Secure & Comfortable Fastening: The Frontal Protection Lead Apron Vest is designed with a criss-cross back and an adjustable hook and loop closure, providing a secure and comfortable fit. On the other hand, the Skirt is equipped with a strap belt-type buckle fastener, enabling easy and convenient adjustment for maximum comfort.
  • Selected Size and Coverage: The selected size of the apron effectively covers the torso from the neck to just above the knee, providing comprehensive protection in critical areas.
  • Enhanced Air Circulation: The two-piece design of the Frontal Vest and Frontal Skirt apron allows for increased air circulation, making it a cooler option compared to the Full Frontal Apron.


IndoSurgicals Frontal Protection Lead Apron Vest & Skirt offers a unique and effective solution for radiation protection. With its tested core materials, available protection levels, multiple core material options, front pocket for dosimeter badge, padded shoulders, frontal protection design, criss-cross back fastening, selected size and coverage, and enhanced air circulation, it meets the demands of corporate hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. Prioritize the safety and comfort of your medical staff by choosing our Frontal Protection Lead Apron Vest & Skirt. Place your order today and experience the superior quality and performance of IndoSurgicals products.