RADARMOUR® X-Ray Lead Apron (Lead Vinyl)

SKU: 91091
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Lead Equivalency
Product Details
  • ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF SAFETY: RADARMOUR offers a highly acceptable level of protection, with a lead-equivalency of 0.5mm @100KVP, at considerably less weight than other lead apron available in market.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: RADARMOUR is composed of a composite core (lead vinyl). It is the best combination of weight, protection and economy available on the market.
  • COMPLETE FRONTAL PROTECTION: RADARMOUR'S radiation protective single front lead aprons are suitable where protection is required to the front only. While providing complete frontal protection for the user this design offers total flexibility and ease of movement, ensuring the highest levels of comfort at all times.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: The light weight RADARMOUR aprons are ideal for long procedures. The RADARMOUR comfort wear apron has been designed to spread the weight of the garment across the wearer's back, thus reducing the shoulder fatigue commonly associated with radiation protection aprons. Built-in shoulder pads offer additional comfort.
  • BRAND RELIABILITY: RADARMOUR personal radiation protective apparel is setting new standards in innovative and reliable protection for healthcare professionals around the world. Manufactured to exceptionally high standards, RADARMOUR aprons are available in a fit to all specific designs to maximize flexibility and comfort. This means that, if required, RADARMOUR aprons may be safely and comfortably worn more frequently, or for longer periods.
Item Code Lead Equivalency
91091 0.25mm
91092 0.35mm
91093 0.50mm