Heister Mouth Gag

SKU: 97000
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited stands tall as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of the best quality Heister Mouth Gag. Recognized globally, we pride ourselves on delivering superior surgical instruments that cater to the diverse needs of surgical centers, hospitals, and clinics worldwide.


Product Use: The Heister Mouth Gag is an indispensable tool for dentists, ENT specialists, and oral surgeons. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the mouth remains open during procedures under anesthesia, providing surgeons with an unobstructed view and maximum exposure of the surgical site.


Product Specifications:

  • Purpose: The Heister Mouth Gag is primarily designed to keep the mouth open, preventing its closure, and offering an enhanced sightline for surgical procedures.

  • Serrated Jaws: The outer serrations on the jaws ensure a strong grip on the teeth, preventing any slippage during surgeries.

  • Straight Arms: Designed for precision, the straight arms of the device allow for broad opening angles, ensuring maximum exposure of the surgical site.

  • Screw-Lock Mechanism: A manually operated screw-lock system is integrated into the device. Surgeons can easily rotate the screw to adjust and enlarge the mouth opening as per the requirements of the procedure.

  • Material: The Heister Mouth Gag is manufactured using premium grade stainless steel, ensuring durability, longevity, and the highest quality for your operating rooms.


Why Choose IndoSurgicals Private Limited?

As one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of the Heister Mouth Gag, we at IndoSurgicals Private Limited are committed to delivering only the best quality products. Our reputation as a reliable supplier and exporter is built on years of dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. When you choose our products, you're not just getting a tool; you're investing in precision, quality, and trust.


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