Bedside Suction Unit - SS Base (30 Ltrs./Min)

SKU: 65011
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited is proud to be one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of the best quality Bedside Suction Unit - SS Base (30 Ltrs./Min) for various surgical applications worldwide. Our Bedside Suction Unit is an essential tool in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics, providing efficient and reliable suction right at the patient’s bedside. This product is a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring healthcare professionals can rely on our equipment for optimal performance.


Product Uses:

The Bedside Suction Unit - SS Base is designed for effective removal of fluids, such as blood and mucus, from the airway or surgical site, maintaining a clear and sterile field. Its efficient suction capabilities make it indispensable during surgical procedures and post-operative care, enhancing patient safety and care quality.


Product Specifications:

  • Base: Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, offering durability and stability.
  • Jars: Includes glass jars with a capacity of 2 x 2 liters, providing ample space for fluid collection.
  • Overflow Protection: Mechanical type overflow protection to prevent spillage and ensure safe operation.
  • Tubing: Non-collapsible suction tubing ensures consistent performance without interruptions.
  • Vacuum Gauge: Features a 2.5-inch gauge with 0-760 mmHg calibration for precise monitoring of suction pressure.
  • Filter: Bacterial filter that is autoclavable and reusable, ensuring hygienic operation.
  • Pump Type: Oil-free rotary vane pump, known for its robust and maintenance-free operation.
  • Capacity: Achieves a vacuum of -710 mmHg ± 10 at a flow rate of 25-30 LPM, providing strong and effective suction.
  • Noise Level: Operates at a noise level of less than 50 dB A ± 3, ensuring a quiet environment that promotes patient comfort.
  • Motor: Equipped with a ¼ HP, FHP motor for reliable and powerful performance.
  • Power: Operates on 220/230V AC, 50Hz, consuming 180W of power.
  • RPM: Motor speed of 1440 RPM ensures efficient operation.


Choose IndoSurgicals for the best quality Bedside Suction Unit - SS Base, trusted by healthcare professionals around the globe. Our product is designed to meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and reliability, making it an indispensable tool in any medical setting.