Radiology Lead Apron

Introducing IndoSurgicals' Lead Apron Radiology Collection:

When it comes to radiation protection in the medical field, we understand that safety and reliability are paramount. That's why our Lead Apron Radiology collection stands out as the trusted choice for medical professionals. Here's what makes our lead aprons exceptional:


Diverse Core Material Options:

Our lead aprons are designed to cater to a variety of specific needs, and we offer three core material options for your convenience:

  • StPb® Core Material: Crafted from lead vinyl, this option provides an affordable solution suitable for gamma radiation (nuclear medicine) and X-ray procedures exceeding 120kV.

  • LiPb® Core Material: Combining antimony and lead, this core material offers a lighter-weight alternative without compromising on protective qualities. Ideal for those seeking a comfortable yet highly protective apron.

  • NoPb® Core Material: Our lead-free option, composed of a mixture of bismuth, tungsten, and antimony, meets European standards for safe disposal. It is the lightest-weight choice available, ensuring both safety and sustainability.


Antimicrobial and Anti-Odor Properties:

Our lead aprons feature an outer fabric coated with polyurethane (PU), providing exceptional antimicrobial and anti-odor properties. This innovative feature not only enhances hygiene but also ensures a pleasant and comfortable wearing experience, even during extended procedures.


Tailored Protection Models:

IndoSurgicals offers a range of lead apron models to suit different clinical requirements:

  • Frontal Protection Lead Apron: Provides essential protection for the front of the body during X-ray and imaging procedures.
  • Frontal Protection Lead Vest & Skirt: Offering versatile coverage, this option combines a lead vest and skirt for comprehensive frontal protection.
  • Full Protection - Full Overlap (Wrap Around Lead Apron): Ensures complete shielding with a wrap-around design for full-body coverage.
  • Full Protection - Full Overlap (Wrap Around Lead Vest & Skirt): This option combines a wrap-around vest and skirt for full-body protection with ease of wear.
  • Full Protection - Partial Overlap (Wrap Around Lead Apron): Balancing protection and flexibility, this apron offers partial overlap for comfort during various procedures.
  • Full Protection - Partial Overlap (Wrap Around Lead Vest & Skirt): Combining a partial overlap design with a vest and skirt, this model maximizes protection without compromising mobility.


Trust IndoSurgicals' Lead Apron Radiology collection to provide exceptional radiation protection, comfort, and versatility for your medical imaging needs. Safety and quality are our top priorities, ensuring peace of mind for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

To access detailed information about each model, please visit the following link.

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