Nail Removal Set (Premium Quality)

SKU: 36467
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited proudly offers the Premium Quality Nail Removal Set, crafted with precision to support orthopedic surgeons in performing effective nail removal procedures. As one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, we are committed to delivering best-quality instruments that set industry standards. This essential set is widely used in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics around the world, reflecting our global reach and reliability in supplying top-tier medical tools.


Nail Removal Set Use:

The IndoSurgicals Nail Removal Set is engineered for the precise and safe removal of orthopedic nails, which is crucial in treatments involving bone correction and repair. Its comprehensive range of tools allows for a versatile application across various surgical needs, ensuring that medical professionals can perform procedures with confidence and efficiency.


Product Specifications:

  • End Cap Wrench 180mm: Facilitates the removal of caps from medical hardware.
  • Wrench (x2): General-purpose tool for adjusting and securing various components.
  • Wire Cutter: Precision tool for cutting wires and pins during surgery.
  • Open Wrench: Versatile for multiple bolt sizes, enhancing tool adaptability.
  • Hex Screwdrivers (SW2.5, SW3.5, SW4.0, SW4.5, SW5.0): For detailed engagement with various screw heads.
  • Locking Screw Extractor 250mm: Specifically designed to extract difficult or damaged screws.
  • Quick Coupling T-handle: Allows for quick tool attachment changes, increasing procedural efficiency.
  • Extractor Chucks (Universal Large, M6, SW4.0, SW4.5, M101, M81, M8, Universal Small, M11, M10): These chucks provide options for handling different screw types and sizes.
  • Screwdriver: Standard tool for driving screws.
  • Hammer: Applies necessary impact during procedures.
  • Universal Joint: Offers flexible angles for difficult surgical sites.
  • Aluminium Box: Stores and protects tools, ensuring their longevity and readiness.


Short Use of Each Instrument:

  • End Cap Wrench 180mm: Removes caps on medical devices.
  • Wrench (x2): Adjusts bolts and screws during surgeries.
  • Wire Cutter: Cuts wires and small metal pieces with precision.
  • Open Wrench: Fits various sizes of nuts and bolts.
  • Hex Screwdrivers (Various Sizes): Tightens and loosens hex screws.
  • Locking Screw Extractor 250mm: Removes broken or stuck screws.
  • Quick Coupling T-handle: Speeds up tool changes.
  • Extractor Chucks (Various Sizes): Secures and extracts different sizes of screws.
  • Screwdriver: Drives screws into place.
  • Hammer: Delivers controlled impacts.
  • Universal Joint: Allows for tool use at varying angles.
  • Aluminium Box: Organizes and protects the tools.
SN Name of Instrument Quantity
1 End Cap Wrench 180mm 1
2 Wrench 1
3 Wrench 1
4 Wire Cutter 1
5 Open Wrench 1
6 Hex Screwdriver SW4.5 1
7 Hex Screwdriver SW5.0 1
8 Locking Screw Extractor 250mm 1
9 Hex Screwdriver SW2.5 1
10 Hex Screwdriver SW3.5 1
11 Hex Screwdriver SW4.0 1
12 Quick Coupling T-handle 1
13 Extractor Chuck Universal Large 1
14 Extractor Chuck M6 1
15 Extractor Chuck SW4.0 1
16 Extractor Chuck SW4.5 1
17 Extractor Chuck M10*1 1
18 Extractor Chuck M8*1 1
19 Extractor Chuck M8 1
20 Extractor Chuck Universal Small 1
21 Extractor Chuck M11 1
22 Extractor Chuck M10 1
23 Screwdriver 1
24 Hammer 1
25 Universal Joint 1
26 Aluminium Box 1