Small Fragment Instrument Set (Premium Quality)

SKU: 36476
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited, recognized as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, is proud to present the IS IndoSurgicals Small Fragment Instrument Set. This premium quality set is essential for various surgical procedures around the globe, utilized extensively in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics. We ensure that our state-of-the-art instruments are available to medical professionals in most countries worldwide.


Small Fragment Instrument Set Use

The IS IndoSurgicals Small Fragment Instrument Set is specifically designed to assist in intricate surgical procedures involving small bone fragments. This comprehensive set is a cornerstone for surgeries that require precision, offering tools that are both versatile and reliable for optimal patient outcomes.


Product Specifications

  • Aluminium Box: Durable storage and transport solution to keep instruments organized and protected.
  • Bending Iron: Essential for shaping metal plates to fit the surgical site.
  • Countersink: Used to prepare bones for screw placement.
  • Depth Gauge (0-60mm): Ensures accurate measurement of screw depth in bone.
  • Drill & Tap Guiders: Two sizes (Φ2.5/Φ3.5 and Φ3.2/Φ4.0) to guide drilling and tapping procedures accurately.
  • Drill Bits: Four drill bits in two sizes (Φ2.5115mm, Φ3.2115mm) for precise drilling.
  • Extraction Screw Hexagonal 2.5mm Conical: For removing screws during revisions.
  • Hollow Reamer Φ6.0: For enlarging holes in bone.
  • Neutral and Load Drill Guide Φ2.5: Guides the drill bit during surgery to prevent misalignment.
  • Oblique Reduction Forcep (170mm): For holding and aligning bone fragments.
  • Periosteal Elevators: Two sizes (12mm, 6mm) for detaching periosteum from bone.
  • Screwdriver Hexagonal 2.5mm Conical: For precise screwing.
  • Self-centering Bone Holding Forceps (190mm): Two units for securely holding bones.
  • Sharp Reduction Forcep (190mm): For manipulating bone fragments.
  • Taps: For threading holes in bones to accept screws (Cancellous 4.0mm, Cortex 3.5mm).


List of items in Small Fragment Instrument Set:

S.N. Instrument Name QTY
1 Aluminium Box 1
2 Bending Iron 1
3 Countersink 1
4 Depth Gauge (0-60mm) 1
5 Drill & Tap Guider (Φ2.5/Φ3.5) 1
6 Drill & Tap Guider (Φ3.2/Φ4.0) 1
7 Drill Bit (Φ2.5*115mm) 1
8 Drill Bit (Φ2.5*115mm) 1
9 Drill Bit (Φ3.2*115mm) 1
10 Drill Bit (Φ3.2*115mm) 1
11 Extraction Screw Hexagonal 2.5mm Conical 1
12 Hollow Reamer Φ6.0 1
13 Neutral and Load Drill Guide Φ2.5 1
14 Obilique Reduction Forcep (170mm) 1
15 Periosteal Elevator 12mm 1
16 Periosteal Elevator 6mm 1
17 Screwdriver Hexagonal 2.5mm Conical 1
18 Self-centering Bone Holding Forcep (190mm) 2
19 Sharp Reduction Forcep (190mm) 1
20 Tap Cancellous 4.0mm 1
21 Tap Cortex 3.5mm 1