Nel Cath Nelaton Catheter

SKU: GS-1004
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Product Details
  • Nelaton Catheter.
  • Designed for short term bladder catheterization through urethera.
  • Frozen surface tubing for super smooth intubation.
  • Atraumatic, soft rounded and closed tip catheter facilitates drainage.
  • Coned distal end ensures an optimal sliding quality and care for the sensitive tissue to achieve atraumatic catheterization.
  • Two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Radio-opaque line provided throughout the length of the catheter for proper X-ray visualization.
  • Universal funnel shape connector for easy connection to urine bag.
  • Colour-coded funnel connector of the catheter provides instant identification of the sizes.
  • Sterile, individually packed in peelable, soft blister pack.
  • Box of 100 pcs.
Size Length
6 FG 40 cm
8 FG 40 cm
10 FG 40 cm
12 FG 40 cm
14 FG 40 cm
16 FG 40 cm
18 FG 40 cm
20 FG 40 cm
22 FG 40 cm
24 FG 40 cm