Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

SKU: 15146
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details


  • Two parameters:SPO2, Pulse Rate
  • SpO2 Waveform
  • Beep alarm
  • COLOR OLED display, four direction adjustable

Technical Parameters: 

  • Integrated with SpO2 probe and processing display module.
  • Application : Hospital, home, community medical treatment, sports healthcare etc.
  • Can measure SpO2 and pulse rate accurately.
  • SpO2 and pulse rate display, pulse rate waveform and bar graph display.
  • Battery voltage low indication.
  • Four directions and six modes.
  • Screen brightness adjustable.
  • Low power consumption, shut off automatically when no signal.
  • Small volume 57 x 31 x 32 mm, light weight, convenient to carry.
  • Display mode : 0.96" double colour OLED display.
  • Screen resolution : 1% for SpO2, 1 bpm for pulse rate.
  • Accuracy : +-2% (70%`100%), unspecified (<70%) for SpO2, +-2bpm or +-2%) select larger) for pulse rate.
  • Power supply : 1.5 V (AAA Size) alkaline batteries can work 20 hours continually.
  • Interference resistance capacity against ambient light and measurement performance at low perfusion.