CMS7000 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

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BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited is a renowned leader in the medical equipment industry, recognized as one of the largest and most trusted suppliers and dealers in India. We are proud to introduce the CMS7000 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor, a state-of-the-art device designed to provide comprehensive and reliable monitoring of vital signs. As a prominent supplier in Delhi, India, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of best quality, serving healthcare providers worldwide. The CMS7000 is extensively used in surgery centers, hospitals, clinics, and by students, nurses, and medical professionals globally. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to supply this superior product to numerous countries around the world.


Product Use:

The CMS7000 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor is an essential tool for continuous monitoring of patients' vital signs. It is widely used by healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and medical technicians, to monitor critical parameters such as ECG, respiration, SpO2, non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), and temperature. This device is also valuable for medical students and nurses in training, offering hands-on experience in patient monitoring. Its versatility makes it suitable for use in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics to ensure comprehensive patient care.


Product Specifications:



The CMS7000 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor can monitor parameters such as ECG, RESP, SpO2, NIBP, and dual-channel TEMP. It integrates parameter measuring modules, a display, and a recorder into a single compact and portable device.


Major Features:

  • Elegant Appearance: The device features a sleek design with clear markings and a standard interface, making it user-friendly. It includes an oxyCRG screen, trend graph, big characters display, and the ability to observe other beds, enhancing convenience for the user.
  • Patient Compatibility: Suitable for adults, pediatric, and neonatal patients.
  • Standard Parameters: Monitors ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, and dual-channel TEMP. Optional parameters include IBP, CO2, built-in printer, curving handle, moving bracket, and hanging bracket.
  • Multilingual Interface: Operates in Chinese and English, with optional languages including French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, and Polish. All operations are completed using keys and knobs, ensuring ease of use.
  • Display: 12.1'' color TFT LCD with high resolution, displaying patient parameters and waveforms, along with alarms, bed number, clock, state, and other information synchronously.
  • Customizable Settings: Monitoring contents, scan speed, volume, and output contents can be set as needed.
  • Data Storage: Capable of storing 480-hour trend data and reviewing 40-second holographic waveforms. It also stores and reviews 72-hour ECG waveforms.
  • NIBP Review: Stores up to 2400 NIBP data points.
  • Advanced SpO2 Technology: Utilizes digital SpO2 technology with strong anti-interference and anti-weak filling capability.
  • Drug Calculation: Features a function for calculating drug concentration.
  • Networking Capability: Connects to a central monitoring station and allows other bed observations and software updates via wireless and wired modes.
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery ensures uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Printing Function: Prints ECG, SpO2, RESP, BP, and temperature data with a single key press.
  • Safety Features: Anti-high frequency surgical unit and defibrillation-proof (requires special leads).
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis: Optional function for analyzing heart rate variability.


Standard Parameter & Configuration:

  • 3/5 lead ECG
  • RESP
  • SpO2
  • NIBP
  • TEMP
  • PR
  • Network


Optional Parameter & Configuration:

  • 2-IBP
  • Recorder
  • 12 lead ECG
  • ETCO2


Physical Characteristics:

  • Power Requirements: AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 150VA
  • Dimensions: 310 × 140 × 263 mm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg


IndoSurgicals Private Limited is committed to delivering the best quality medical equipment and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our CMS7000 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor is widely used by healthcare professionals globally, reflecting our dedication to excellence. Experience the advanced capabilities and precision of the CMS7000 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor and elevate your patient monitoring standards with this exceptional device.