Taylor Neurological Reflex Hammer

SKU: 15403
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details
  • Utilizing the original design of Dr. John Madison Taylor, IndoSurgicals has developed the IndoSurgicals Latex Free Taylor Knee Hammer to incorporate modern design and functionality for eliciting myotatic and plantar responses with less effort and greater patient comfort.
  • The silicone triangular head has a beveled apex and base to elicit myotatic reflexes. The soft base and rounded apex are perfectly suited for provoking myotatic responses by striking precise location of tendons. It is also suited to obtain chest sounds and to percuss the abdomen.
  • The weighted anodized handle is precisely balanced for increased control of percussion force. The encircling band with pin firmly secures the triangular head midway between the bumper apex and base.