Vertical Autoclave Stainless Steel (Double Wall, Nut Locking)

SKU: 45206
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Introducing the IndoSurgicals Vertical Autoclave Stainless Steel Nut Locking, a high-quality and reliable solution for your sterilization needs. As one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Vertical Autoclaves, IndoSurgicals Private Limited is committed to providing the best quality products to hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, food processing units, pharmaceutical manufacturing units, tissue culture labs, and laboratories worldwide.


Key Features and Specifications:

  • Size/Capacity Options: Our Vertical Autoclave is available in various sizes ranging from 23 liters to 180 liters, allowing you to choose the capacity that best suits your requirements. Whether you need a compact unit or a larger one, our Autoclave can meet your sterilization needs effectively.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Designed with a double wall, single chamber structure, our Autoclave is made of high-quality stainless steel. The inner chamber, lid, and ring are crafted from durable Stainless Steel 304 Grade material, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion. The outer wall is made of stainless steel sheet, while the legs are constructed from SS 304 grade material, providing stability and durability.
  • Comprehensive Safety Features: We prioritize safety in our Autoclave design. Equipped with essential safety components, including a pressure gauge for accurate monitoring, a safety valve, and double safety valve for enhanced protection, a steam release valve, and a water drain valve, our Autoclave ensures safe and reliable operation during the sterilization process.
  • Convenient Accessories: To enhance usability and convenience, our Autoclave comes with essential accessories. These include a rubber gasket for a secure seal, ensuring a leak-proof operation, and an inner tripod stand to hold the items being sterilized in an organized manner. These accessories contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the sterilization process.
  • Versatile Pressure Range: Our Autoclave has a pressure range capability of 5 PSI to 20 PSI, allowing for flexible sterilization conditions. This versatility ensures that a wide range of sterilization requirements can be met, making it suitable for various applications in hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, food processing units, pharmaceutical manufacturing units, tissue culture labs, and laboratories.


Choose the IndoSurgicals Vertical Autoclave Stainless Steel Nut Locking for a reliable and efficient sterilization solution. With its stainless steel construction, comprehensive safety features, convenient accessories, and versatile pressure range, this Autoclave provides the quality and performance you can trust. Join our global customer base and experience the trusted quality of IndoSurgicals Vertical Autoclaves. Trust IndoSurgicals, your trusted partner in sterilization technology.


Item Code Approx. Size (Inch) Approx. Capacity (Ltrs.)
45206 10" x 18" 23 Ltrs.
45207 12" x 22" 40 Ltrs.
45208 12" x 28" 50 Ltrs.
45209 14" x 22" 52 Ltrs.
45210 14" x 25" 60 Ltrs.
45211 16" x 24" 78 Ltrs.
45212 16" x 28" 90 Ltrs.
45213 18" x 24" 100 Ltrs.
45214 18" x 30" 120 Ltrs.
45215 20" x 30" 150 Ltrs.
45216 22" x 30" 180 Ltrs.