Autoclave 30 Litre (Mirror Finish) Stainless Steel Body

SKU: 45033
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details

Construction: These portable vertical autoclaves are made out of thick high quality stainless steel sheet, deep drawn to cylindrical shape, having no joints and welding. Seamless construction allows no bacteria residue and free from dirt accumulation. Fitted with pressure gauge, safety valve (weight type), seam/pressure release cock, lid handle. Lid is similar to pressure cooker with locking over rubber gasket.


  • Stainless steel seamless construction.
  • Portable vertical pressure type, easy to use top loading autoclaves.
  • The steam pressure inside with autoclave can develop from 1.10 kgf / (15 psi) to 1.25 kgf / (18 psi).
  • Equipped with top handle pressure gauge and pressure release valve.
SKU Size  Capacity (Ltrs.) Type
45033 350 x 300mm = 14" x 12"  30 Ltrs. Electric
45034 350 x 300mm = 14" x 12" 30 Ltrs. Non-Electric