Seamless Aluminium Autoclave (Wing Nut Type)

SKU: 45021
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited is one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of the best quality Seamless Aluminium Autoclave (Wing Nut Type). Our Seamless Aluminium Autoclaves are extensively used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, food processing units, tissue culture labs, and laboratories worldwide. Known for their superior performance and reliability, our autoclaves are designed to meet the highest standards of sterilization, ensuring a safe and efficient process crucial in various environments.


Product Use

Our Seamless Aluminium Autoclave (Wing Nut Type) is ideal for:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Ensuring sterile medical instruments and supplies.
  • Clinics: Providing efficient sterilization for small-scale medical operations.
  • Food Processing Units: Maintaining hygiene by sterilizing equipment and containers.
  • Tissue Culture Labs: Sterilizing lab instruments and media to prevent contamination.
  • General Laboratories: Ensuring sterile conditions for various experimental and testing procedures.


Product Specifications

  • Premium Aluminum Construction: Our autoclave is meticulously crafted from high-quality aluminum, ensuring durability, lightweight design, and resistance to corrosion. The use of seamless aluminum construction eliminates joints and welds, providing a bacteria-free environment and easy maintenance.
  • Deep Drawn Drum with Riveted Ring: The drum of our autoclave is deep drawn, resulting in a seamless and smooth interior surface that prevents bacterial residue and allows for effortless cleaning. The top ring is securely riveted, enhancing the overall structural integrity of the autoclave.
  • Sturdy Lid Made by Casting: The lid of our autoclave is made through a casting process, ensuring a robust and durable design. It provides a secure closure for the sterilization chamber, guaranteeing efficient and safe operations.
  • Secure Wing Nut Locking System: The lid is securely locked in place using a wing nut system, featuring six nuts with a rubber gasket seal in between. This reliable sealing mechanism ensures a tight and leak-free seal during the sterilization process, providing optimal sterilization conditions.
  • Safety Valves and Pressure Gauge: Our autoclave is equipped with two safety valves and a pressure gauge, allowing for precise monitoring and control of the sterilization process. These safety features ensure safe and reliable operations, providing peace of mind to users.
  • Efficient Air Exhaust System: The autoclave features a flexible metal rubbing system that allows for effective air exhaust, ensuring a controlled and safe sterilization environment. This feature promotes efficient sterilization cycles, contributing to overall operational efficiency.
  • Complete Set of Accessories: To enhance usability and convenience, our autoclave includes an outer stand, inner aluminum container, and inner tripod stand. These accessories provide stability during operation and facilitate seamless sterilization procedures.
  • Electric and Non-Electric Options: We offer both electric and non-electric options for our autoclave, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their specific requirements and preferences. Whether you prefer the convenience of an electric autoclave or the versatility of a non-electric option, we have the solution for you.



Mirror Finish, General Quality, Electric:

  • Size: 300 x 300mm (12" x 12"), Capacity: 20 Ltrs.
  • Size: 300 x 380mm (12" x 15"), Capacity: 25 Ltrs.
  • Size: 350 x 380mm (14" x 15"), Capacity: 35 Ltrs.


Mirror Finish, General Quality, Non-Electric:

  • Size: 300 x 300mm (12" x 12"), Capacity: 20 Ltrs.
  • Size: 300 x 380mm (12" x 15"), Capacity: 25 Ltrs.
  • Size: 350 x 380mm (14" x 15"), Capacity: 35 Ltrs.


Why Choose IndoSurgicals?

Choose IndoSurgicals Seamless Aluminium Autoclave (Wing Nut Type) for its premium aluminum construction, secure locking system, essential safety features, and complete set of accessories. Trust IndoSurgicals for all your sterilization needs and experience the superior performance and durability of our autoclave. With its advanced features and versatile design, it is the perfect choice for achieving effective sterilization in various settings.


Mirror Finish, General Quality, Electric
SKU Size  Capacity (Ltrs.)
45021 300 x 300mm = 12" x 12"  20 Ltrs.
45022 300 x 380mm = 12" x 15" 25 Ltrs.
45023 350 x 380mm = 14" x 15" 35 Ltrs.
Mirror Finish, General Quality, Non-Electric
SKU Size  Capacity (Ltrs.)
45024 300 x 300mm = 12" x 12"  20 Ltrs.
45025 300 x 380mm = 12" x 15" 25 Ltrs.
45026 350 x 380mm = 14" x 15" 35 Ltrs.