Non-Electric Autoclave Pressure Cooker Type (Mirror Finish) Aluminum Body

SKU: 45008
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details
  • All autoclaves are constructed from heavy gauge aluminum. It’s generates steam under pressure and temperature between 120°C to 135°C.
  • Made from seamless Aluminium, top loading autoclaves. Seamless construction ensures bacteria free environment.
  • 25-30 minutes sterilizing cycle at 121º c.
  • With two stages over pressure protection system incorporating a calibrated continuous bleeding pressure stopcock and pressure release weight valve.
  • With heat resistant handles and steam release / control valve.
  • Pressure Gauge : Colour coded pressure gauge showing internal chamber conditions during the cycle.
  • Sterilization zone in green colour is shown from 15 psi to 20 psi (OR 1.034 bar to 1.378 bar) which is equivalent to temperature of 121°c to 127°c.
  • Dial size : 2.5". Dial show measurement in 2 units (i) kg/cm² (ii) lb/inch². Full scale dial of pressure gauge is 0-30 lb/ inch² or 0-2 kg/ cm². Caution zone in red colour.
  • Supplied with inner & outer stand.
  • Optional : 1 Hr. Rotary Timer and Sterilizing Drum in extra cost
Mirror Finish, Non-Electric (External Fuel Heated)
SKU Approx. Size (Dia. X H) Approx. Capacity (Ltrs.)
45008 220mm x 230mm + 38mm Lid (9" x 11") 10 Ltrs. With Lid
45010 300mm X 260mm + 50mm Lid. (12"x12") 21 Ltrs. With Lid
45011 300mm X 300mm + 50mm Lid. (12"x14") 24 Ltrs. With Lid
45012 300mm X 350mm + 50mm Lid. (12"x16") 29 Ltrs. With Lid
45014 300mm X 400mm + 150mm Lid. (12"x22") 39 Ltrs. With Lid
45015 350mm X 330mm + 90mm Lid. (14"x16") 40 Ltrs. With Lid