Bain Circuit (Adult)

SKU: 40050
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Introducing the IndoSurgicals Bain Circuit Adult, manufactured by IndoSurgicals Private Limited, a trusted global supplier and exporter of premium-quality anesthesia equipment. Our Bain Circuit Adult is widely used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and clinics worldwide. We supply our anesthesia equipment to corporate hospitals, ensuring the highest standards of patient care. 


Key Features of our IndoSurgicals Bain Circuit Adult:

  • Designed for Anesthesia Machines: The IndoSurgicals Bain Circuit Adult is specifically designed for use with anesthesia machines. It seamlessly integrates into existing anesthesia systems, providing efficient and reliable gas delivery during procedures.
  • Complete Set: Our Bain Circuit Adult is supplied as a complete set, which includes a rebreathing bag of 0.5 liters, an expertly designed valve, oxygen tubing, and a tube with a length of 150 cm. The packaging is done in a poly bag, ensuring convenience and easy handling.
  • Co-Axial Modification: The Bain Circuit utilizes a co-axial modification of the basic T-piece system. This innovative design enables effective scavenging of waste anesthetic gases, enhancing the safety and well-being of patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Optimal Gas Flow: The circuit features a tube that carries fresh gas inside an outer reservoir tube, connecting to the endotracheal tube connector. This configuration allows the patient to inhale fresh gas from the outer reservoir tube and exhale into the reservoir tube, ensuring efficient gas flow and effective ventilation.
  • Easy Storage: The IndoSurgicals Bain Circuit Adult is conveniently supplied in a pouch, providing a compact and organized storage solution. This facilitates ease of access and reduces the risk of misplacement or damage.


IndoSurgicals is dedicated to delivering anesthesia equipment of the highest quality, ensuring patient safety and comfort during medical procedures. Our IndoSurgicals Bain Circuit Adult exemplifies our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Choose IndoSurgicals for superior anesthesia equipment solutions. Trust our IndoSurgicals Bain Circuit Adult to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your anesthesia system. Partner with us to experience exceptional products and reliable customer service.


Upgrade your anesthesia practices with IndoSurgicals, a leading manufacturer and supplier of anesthesia equipment worldwide.