X-Ray Lead Cap/Head Shield (BARC Approved)

SKU: 91761
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details

The Lead Cap is a radiation protection accessory designed to protect the head against exposure to scatter radiation. Radiation protective caps are available in strap-tie closure.

Available Protection Levels (Lead Equivalent):
0.35mm & 0.5mm

Available Core Materials:

  • StPb™ Core material is Lead vinyl it offers a low cost, dependable heavy-duty solution that can be used for gamma radiation (nuclear medicine) and x-ray procedures (CT-assist, thorax) exceeding 120kV.
  • LiPb™ Core material is made from a combination of antimony and lead. It is lighter weight and maintains strong protective qualities.
  • NoPb™ Core Material is a lead-free protective material. It is a mixture of bismuth, tungsten and antimony. It meets the European standards for safe disposal. It is our lightest weight radiation protection material.