X-Ray Lead Goggles

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BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Introducing the IndoSurgicals X-Ray Lead Goggles, also known as Eye Shields, offering an exceptional 0.50mm Lead Equivalency. As a globally renowned manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of premium-quality Lead Goggles or Eye Shields, IndoSurgicals Private Limited is trusted by hospitals, healthcare facilities, radiodiagnostic centers, cath labs, urology procedures, c-arm procedures, and dental clinics worldwide. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in radiation protection equipment.


Key Features of our X-Ray Lead Goggles | Eye Shield:

  • Light and Comfortable: Our meticulously designed molded frames ensure a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience. These goggles effectively cover the front of the eyes, providing reliable radiation protection.
  • Optically Corrected: We understand the importance of visual clarity for professionals. Our X-Ray Lead Goggles can be optically corrected according to the user's specific needs, ensuring optimal vision during procedures.
  • Excellent Splash Protection: Designed to meet the needs of professionals requiring good splash protection from radiation, our leaded fitovers are an excellent choice. They offer enhanced safety and peace of mind.


With a Lead Equivalency of 0.50mm, our X-Ray Lead Goggles | Eye Shields provide reliable and efficient protection in X-ray environments. Trust IndoSurgicals as your go-to provider of radiation protection equipment. Join numerous corporate hospitals and medical facilities worldwide that rely on our commitment to delivering the highest quality products. Elevate your radiation safety protocols with our X-Ray Lead Goggles and prioritize the well-being of medical professionals and patients alike.


Partner with IndoSurgicals to experience the superior standard of radiation protection. Our X-Ray Lead Goggles are designed to meet the stringent demands of modern healthcare settings. Trust in our expertise to provide you with the finest quality Lead Goggles or Eye Shields. Safeguard your vision and enhance radiation safety with IndoSurgicals.