Lead Apron Hanger

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BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Introducing the IndoSurgicals Lead Apron Hanger, a reliable and efficient solution for safely storing your radiation protection apparel. IndoSurgicals Private Limited is a trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of high-quality Lead Apron Hangers for Radiation Protection Apparel, serving hospitals, healthcare facilities, radiodiagnostic centers, cath labs, urology procedures, c-arm procedures, and dental clinics worldwide.


Key Features of our Lead Apron Hanger:

  • Trusted Manufacturer: IndoSurgicals Private Limited is widely recognized as one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of radiation protection apparel. Rest assured that our Lead Apron Hanger is designed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail and superior quality.
  • Essential Storage Solution: Our Lead Apron Hanger is specifically designed for the safe and convenient storage of radiation protection apparel. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and various medical settings worldwide rely on our hangers to ensure the proper care and maintenance of their radiation protection garments.
  • Wide Range of Applications: The Lead Apron Hanger is suitable for use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, radiodiagnostic centers, cath labs, urology procedures, c-arm procedures, and dental clinics worldwide. Wherever radiation protection apparel is used, our hangers provide a reliable storage solution.
  • Sturdy Construction: Our Lead Apron Hanger is constructed to be sturdy and durable, capable of safely supporting the weight of lead aprons. It is designed to maintain its shape and stability over time, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • PVC Coated Stainless Steel: The hanger is made of high-quality stainless steel, coated with PVC for added protection. This coating enhances its resistance to corrosion, providing a robust and reliable storage solution.
  • Rotatable Design: The Lead Apron Hanger features a rotatable design, allowing for easy access and convenience when hanging or removing the apron. This design feature ensures efficient utilization of storage space while maintaining the integrity of the radiation protection apparel.
  • Suitable for Single Aprons: Our hanger is specifically designed for single apron storage, providing a dedicated and organized solution for individual garments.


IndoSurgicals Lead Apron Hangers are trusted by corporate hospitals and medical facilities worldwide for their reliability and efficiency in safely storing radiation protection apparel. 


Invest in the best storage solution for your radiation protection garments and join the global community relying on IndoSurgicals' commitment to quality. Safeguard your valuable radiation protection apparel with our Lead Apron Hanger. Choose IndoSurgicals for unparalleled storage convenience and peace of mind.


Experience the superior craftsmanship and reliability of IndoSurgicals Lead Apron Hangers. Trust in our expertise and choose the perfect storage solution to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your radiation protection apparel.