Dennis Browne Ring Retractor with 4 Doyen's Blades

SKU: 93612
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited proudly stands as a global leader and one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of superior surgical instruments. Among our esteemed products is the Dennis-Browne Ring Retractor with 4 Doyen's Blades, a testament to our commitment to best quality and innovation in surgical tools.


Dennis Browne Ring Retractor : Premier Surgical Instrumentation

The Dennis Browne Ring Retractor with 4 Doyen's Blades from IndoSurgicals is a prime example of our dedication to providing world-class surgical instruments. Widely used in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics globally, this product reflects our pledge to enhance surgical efficiency and safety.


Dennis Browne Ring Retractor Use 

The IndoSurgicals Dennis-Browne Ring Retractor is a specialized surgical instrument, essential for retracting hollow organs and cavities during various general surgery procedures. Its design promotes stability and allows for broad access to the surgical site, making it a vital tool for surgeons.



  • Four Doyen's Blades: Enables retraction in all four directions for comprehensive surgical access.
  • Pin Lock Mechanism: Securely holds retracted tissue in place, ensuring operational precision.
  • Smooth Edges: Meticulously designed to prevent inadvertent soft tissue damage during retraction.


Why Choose IndoSurgicals Dennis Browne Ring Retractor?

  • Global Supplier: We distribute our high-quality surgical instruments to numerous countries, signifying our vast reach and reliability.
  • Trusted Manufacturer: IndoSurgicals is recognized for its commitment to producing the best quality surgical tools, aligning with the highest industry standards.
  • Innovative Design: Our products are crafted with precision, incorporating advanced features to aid in complex surgical procedures.