Mathieu Rectal Speculum

SKU: 97045
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Navigating the precision-driven domain of surgical instruments, IndoSurgicals Private Limited shines as a paragon of trust and superior craftsmanship. Renowned as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers globally, we proudly present the Mathieu Rectal Speculum - a culmination of engineering perfection and medical utility.


Why IndoSurgicals’ Mathieu Rectal Speculum is the Global Benchmark:

  1. Premier Manufacturer: Stepping beyond being just one of the largest manufacturers, IndoSurgicals Private Limited signifies a gold standard in surgical instrument manufacturing.
  2. Exceptional Quality: Each Mathieu Rectal Speculum underlines our unwavering commitment to top-tier quality.
  3. Global Supply Chain: As a hallmark supplier and exporter, our products find their way into the esteemed corridors of hospitals and clinics worldwide, a testament to our global appeal and reliability.


Product Use:
The Mathieu Rectal Speculum is an indispensable tool in the hands of a surgeon. Perfect for rectal examinations and surgeries, this instrument proves vital in procedures such as fistulotomy, anal tear repair, hemorrhoidectomy, band ligation, and rectal biopsy. The speculum aids in offering an unobstructed view and access to the surgical area, ensuring efficient and safe interventions.


Product Specifications:

  1. Variants: Available in two and three-prong designs.
  2. Material: Crafted using the highest grade stainless steel, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.
  3. Finish: Highly polished finish, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and resistance to corrosion.
  4. Functionality: Designed to dilate up to 2" of the rectum with its three-prong structure, it ensures versatile use, ranging from outpatient rectal examinations to specialized surgeries.
  5. Lock Mechanism: A screw lock mechanism that securely holds the dilation in position.
  6. Grade: Manufactured with premium surgical stainless steel and adorned with a smooth satin finish for a seamless user experience.


When it comes to surgical equipment, professionals around the globe resonate with the reliability and precision that IndoSurgicals Private Limited brings. With our Mathieu Rectal Speculum, we continue to redefine surgical excellence. Choose wisely, choose IndoSurgicals.


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97045 Mathieu Rectal Speculum 2 Prongs
97046 Mathieu Rectal Speculum 3 Prongs