Snellen Entropion Forceps (Pair)

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BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited takes pride in being one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of high-quality ophthalmic surgical instruments. We are committed to providing the best products to surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics worldwide. Our Ophthalmic Snellen Entropion Forceps (Pair) is a testament to our dedication to quality and precision.


Snellen Entropion Forceps Use: The IndoSurgicals Ophthalmic Snellen Entropion Forceps are specialized ophthalmic tools designed to assist surgeons in the delicate procedure of repairing inwardly folded eyelids (entropion) without causing harm to the globe. These forceps are an essential instrument for ophthalmic surgeons, offering precise control and protection during eyelid repair procedures.


Product Specifications:

  • D-Shaped Plate: The forceps feature a D-shaped plate that gently and effectively protects the conjunctiva, ensuring minimal trauma during surgery.
  • U-Shaped Rim: The U-shaped rim is designed to retain the eyelid in the proper position, facilitating accurate repair of entropion.
  • Ergonomic Spring Handle: Our forceps are equipped with an ergonomic spring handle that provides maximum control and comfort for surgeons during procedures.
  • Left Hand and Right Hand: We offer both left-hand and right-hand versions of the Snellen Entropion Forceps to accommodate the specific needs of surgeons.


Key Features:

  • Trusted Manufacturer: IndoSurgicals is recognized as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of high-quality ophthalmic surgical instruments in the world.
  • Global Reach: Our products are used in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics across numerous countries, demonstrating our commitment to providing reliable instruments to healthcare professionals worldwide.


When precision and quality matter most, choose IndoSurgicals for your ophthalmic surgical instrument needs. Our Ophthalmic Snellen Entropion Forceps (Pair) exemplify our dedication to excellence, ensuring the best outcomes for patients and surgeons.


Explore our range of ophthalmic instruments and experience the difference that precision and trust can make in your surgical procedures. Contact us today to place your order and join the ranks of satisfied customers who rely on IndoSurgicals for their surgical instrument requirements.