Minilap Kit

SKU: 94820
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details
Minilap Kit Containing Following Items:-
S.No.Name of ItemsQty.
1Dressing forceps 6” plain1 Pc.
2Tissue Forceps 6” 1x2 teeth1 Pc.
3Kelly Forceps Straight 5-1/2” (14cm)1 Pc.
4Artery Pean Forceps Straight 8"1 Pc.
5Artery Pean Forceps Curved 8"1 Pc.
6Mosquito Forceps Curved 5” (12.5cm)1 Pc.
7Babcock Forceps 8”1 Pc.
8Baby Babcock Forceps 16 cm1 Pc.
9Schroeder Tenaculum Forceps 10”1 Pc.
10Sponge Forceps Straight 9-1/2”1 Pc.
11Towel Backhaus Clamp 5-1/4”1 Pc.
12Mayo Hegar Needle 6”1 Pc.
13Retractor Richardson-Eastman, Set of 21 Set
14Retractor Double Ended U.S. Army, Set of 21 Set
15Mayo Scissors Straight 6-3/4” (17cm)1 Pc.
16Mayo Scissors Curved 6-3/4” (17cm)1 Pc.
17Metzenbaum Scissors Curved 7”1 Pc.
18Uterine Elevator Ramathibodi 27cm1 Pc.
19Tubak Hook Ramathibodi 28cm1 Pc.
20Graves Speculum Medium1 Pc.
21Carry Bag1 Pc.
Sizes are approx.