IUD Removal Kit

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BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Introducing the IndoSurgicals IUD Removal Kit - Empowering Gynecological Care with Precision and Ease. As one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of ready-to-use surgical instrument sets for different surgical procedures worldwide, IndoSurgicals Private Limited is committed to enhancing surgical experiences in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics.


Key Features and Specifications:

  • Comprehensive IUD Removal Kit: The IndoSurgicals IUD Removal Kit is a comprehensive set of precision instruments specially curated for IUD removal procedures. Each instrument is designed for comfort, efficiency, and safety.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: Our IUD Removal Kit is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and precision during every use.
  • Superior Functionality: The kit includes essential instruments like sponge forceps (straight, 9-1/2"), Cheatle forceps (10"), Sims scissors (8", curved), uterine sound SS (non-magnet), grave speculum (medium), Sims speculum (medium), IUD removal hook, and IUD removal forceps with alligator jaw (8").
  • Safe and Reliable: IndoSurgicals IUD Removal Kit adheres to strict quality standards, guaranteeing reliable performance and patient safety.
  • Easy Organization: For your convenience, the IUD Removal Kit comes with a practical carry bag, ensuring easy storage and portability of instruments.
  • Trusted by Healthcare Professionals: IndoSurgicals is trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide, providing top-of-the-line surgical instruments for various medical procedures.
  • Global Reach: We are committed to supplying the IUD Removal Kit to medical practitioners in numerous countries, empowering gynecological care across the globe.
  • Transforming IUD Removal Procedures: The IndoSurgicals IUD Removal Kit is designed to streamline and optimize IUD removal procedures. Experience precision and ease in every step of the process.
  • Excellence in Gynecological Care: Choose IndoSurgicals for exceptional gynecological care. Our IUD Removal Kit is a testament to our dedication to excellence and patient well-being.
  • A Partner in Surgical Excellence: IndoSurgicals is your partner in surgical excellence, providing ready-to-use instrument sets for a wide range of medical procedures.
  • Experience the IndoSurgicals Advantage: Unlock the potential of precision and efficiency with the IndoSurgicals IUD Removal Kit. Experience surgical excellence with every use.
  • Empowering Gynecological Care: Order the IndoSurgicals IUD Removal Kit today and empower your gynecological care with the utmost precision and ease. Trust IndoSurgicals for superior surgical solutions.
  • Elevate Your Practice: Transform your IUD removal procedures with the IndoSurgicals IUD Removal Kit. Elevate your practice with trusted and reliable instruments.
  • Join the IndoSurgicals Family: Join thousands of satisfied healthcare professionals who rely on IndoSurgicals for their surgical needs. Experience the IndoSurgicals difference today.
  • Efficiency Redefined: Experience surgical efficiency redefined with the IndoSurgicals IUD Removal Kit. Order now and elevate your gynecological practice with precision instruments.
  • Experience Precision, Experience IndoSurgicals: Experience the power of precision with the IndoSurgicals IUD Removal Kit. Trust IndoSurgicals for unmatched quality and performance.

Discover a new standard in IUD removal procedures with the IndoSurgicals IUD Removal Kit. Empower your practice with excellence and precision.


IUD Removal Kit Contains Following Items:
S.No. Name of Items Qty.
1 Sponge Forceps Straight 9-1/2" 1 Pc.
2 Cheatle Forceps 10" 1 Pc.
3 Sims Scissors 8", Curved 1 Pc.
4 Uterine Sound SS (NON-MAGNET) 1 Pc.
5 Grave Speculum (Medium) 1 Pc.
6 Sims Speculum (Medium) 1 Pc.
7 IUD Removal Hook 1 Pc.
8 IUD Removal Forceps/Alligator Jaw 8" 1 Pc.
9 Carry Bag 1 Pc.
Sizes are approx.