Ramus Retractor

SKU: 97073
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

When it comes to medical innovation and superiority, IndoSurgicals Private Limited stands unparalleled as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers and suppliers globally. Our dedication to delivering the best quality is manifested in our premium Obwegeser Ramus Retractor. Recognized as an essential tool in surgery centres, hospitals, and clinics across the world, we ensure that the global surgical community benefits from our top-notch instruments.


Product Use:

The Obwegeser Ramus Retractor is predominantly utilized by maxillofacial surgeons. Its pivotal role lies in grasping, retracting, and mobilizing the tissues around the mandible’s ramus as well as the ramus itself. Whether performing a sagittal mandibular osteotomy or similar intricate procedures, this retractor has proven to be indispensable in ensuring optimal outcomes.


Key Product Specifications:

  • Notched Edge Design: Customized to snugly fit the Mandible's Ramus, this special design enhances surgical efficiency.

  • Versatile Patterns: Our retractor comes in both straight and bent downwards patterns, catering to diverse surgical requirements.

  • Enhanced Handling: An ergonomic finger ring is incorporated to maximize the surgeon's grip and handling, ensuring utmost precision during procedures.

  • Functional Use: Designed for holding the ramus by one of its borders, it facilitates further division and manipulation of the ramus.

  • L-Shaped Blade: The instrument boasts an L-shaped blade with a notched edge that snugly aligns with the ramus borders. Surgeons can choose from various blade lengths and widths, making it adaptable to different mandible sizes.

  • Slip-free Grip: To further elevate its ergonomic quotient, the retractor is designed with an upper finger ring and a teardrop fenestration, ensuring surgeons’ fingers are securely positioned, preventing any slippage.

  • Top-Grade Material: Each Obwegeser Ramus Retractor is diligently manufactured using premium grade stainless steel, underscoring our commitment to offering the highest quality instruments for your operating rooms.


IndoSurgicals Private Limited not only promises unparalleled quality but also endeavors to set new standards in surgical instrument innovation. With decades of expertise and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, our Obwegeser Ramus Retractor epitomizes precision-engineered excellence. Entrust your surgical needs with us and experience a harmonious blend of reliability, functionality, and world-class craftsmanship. Every surgical procedure deserves the finest tools, and we're here to ensure you have them.