Cheatle Forceps

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IndoSurgicals Cheatle Forceps: Precision and Versatility in Instrument Handling! IndoSurgicals Private Limited, a reputable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of high-quality surgical instruments, stands as a beacon of trust and excellence in the medical industry. With a global presence, our surgical instruments are trusted by surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics across the world.


Introducing Cheatle Forceps:

  • Elevating Instrument Handling: The Cheatle Forceps, or Pinza para Esterilización de Cheatle, is a specialized tool designed to securely hold and manipulate various pieces of instrumentation after sterilization. Its ingenious design addresses the critical phase of instrument transfer post-sterilization.
  • Enhanced Instrument Transport with Curved Design: The forceps' curved design is tailored to facilitate the seamless movement of instruments. This unique curvature ensures that the instrument is positioned for optimal and secure transport, minimizing the risk of damage.
  • Smooth Movements with Locking Mechanism: Equipped with a locking mechanism, the Cheatle Forceps ensures smooth and controlled movements during the transfer process. The locking feature not only adds to the ease of use but also safeguards against unintended openings.
  • Firm Grip with Ergonomic Rings: The forceps are adorned with ergonomic finger rings that guarantee a firm and comfortable grip. These rings are thoughtfully designed to enhance the overall maneuverability of the forceps.
  • The Cheatle Forceps in Action: This forceps plays a crucial role in transferring sterilized instruments from the autoclave to their respective trays. Its extended and curved jaws are meticulously designed to accommodate a range of instruments, ensuring a secure fit. The locking mechanism further ensures that the jaws maintain their intended position, securing the instruments in place.
  • Designed for Comfort and Precision: The Cheatle Forceps boast straight handles that terminate in ergonomic finger rings. This design element is dedicated to ensuring a comfortable grip during the instrument transfer process. The elongated design of the forceps allows for the individual mobilization of instruments, ensuring that they remain uncontaminated throughout the procedure.
  • Crafted from Premium Stainless Steel: Precision and longevity define the Cheatle Forceps, as they are manufactured from premium grade stainless steel. This exceptional material choice ensures an extended lifespan for the instrument, making it a reliable tool for various surgical scenarios.
  • Variety in Sizes: The Cheatle Forceps are available in a variety of sizes to cater to diverse surgical requirements. Choose from the following sizes: Cheatle Forcep 6", Cheatle Forcep 8" and Cheatle Forcep 10"


IndoSurgicals Cheatle Forceps exemplify our commitment to advancing surgical precision and versatility. Designed to simplify and optimize instrument handling, these forceps stand as a testament to our dedication to innovation and quality. Elevate your surgical practice with instruments designed for excellence. IndoSurgicals invites you to explore our range of instruments that redefine precision and ease of use.

Trust IndoSurgicals – Transforming Surgical Excellence, One Instrument at a Time.


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93164 Cheatle Forcep 6"
93165 Cheatle Forcep 8"
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