Artery Forceps (Curved)

SKU: 93116
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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IndoSurgicals Curved Artery Forceps: Elevating Precision in Surgical Mastery! IndoSurgicals Private Limited stands as a beacon of unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of surgical instruments. As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, we provide the global medical community with top-tier surgical tools, empowering surgical centers, hospitals, and clinics worldwide with instruments of unmatched quality.


Introducing Curved Artery Forceps:

  • A Testament to Excellence: The Curved Artery Forceps, a masterpiece of surgical precision, is designed to empower surgeons across diverse disciplines to achieve impeccable control over blood vessels. With the ability to manipulate, clamp, and regulate blood flow, these forceps redefine haemostasis in surgical procedures.
  • Precision Woven into Design: The inner serrations of the Curved Artery Forceps create an impeccable grip, demonstrating a commitment to unparalleled surgical precision. This feature guarantees a secure yet gentle hold on delicate tissues, ensuring an atraumatic approach to blood vessel manipulation.
  • Mastering Access with Tapered Jaws: The tapered jaws of the forceps ensure unrestricted access to surgical sites. Engineered to perfection, these jaws provide surgeons with the flexibility required for seamless maneuvering, making them indispensable in surgeries where space is limited.
  • Empowerment Through Ratchet System: Equipped with a self-retaining ratchet system, the Curved Artery Forceps inspire surgeon confidence. This intelligent system ensures controlled clamping, allowing surgeons to focus on surgical finesse rather than force application.
  • Exploring Unparalleled Advantages: The Curved Artery Forceps present a comprehensive range of surgical benefits that transcend traditional instruments. These versatile forceps are engineered to facilitate precise blood vessel clamping, needle holding, and tissue manipulation.
  • Adapting to Diverse Surgical Sizes: The tapered jaws of the instrument accommodate varying surgical sizes, making it adaptable across different specialties. Inner transverse serrations enhance grip, creating a secure hold that revolutionizes tissue management.
  • Ergonomic Excellence in Design: Designed with surgeon comfort in mind, the Curved Artery Forceps feature ergonomically designed finger rings. These rings provide surgeons with exceptional control, preventing unintentional slippage and enhancing surgical accuracy.


Crafted from premium-grade stainless steel, the Curved Artery Forceps embody endurance and high performance. This choice of material ensures longevity, making the instrument a trusted partner throughout countless surgical interventions. IndoSurgicals Curved Artery Forceps embody precision, innovation, and excellence. As you explore our collection, embrace a new era of surgical mastery. Partner with IndoSurgicals - Shaping the Future of Surgical Instruments.


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93116 Artery Forcep Curved 5"
93117 Artery Forcep Curved 6"
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93119 Artery Forcep Curved 10"