Magill Catheter Forceps

SKU: 93001
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details
  • Reusable, made of 100% Stainless Steel
  • Precision interlocking teeth
  • 3 sizes available
  • Rounded ends for grasping
  • Oblique angle between handles and blades to enable prevent obscuration of the view of the airway during use
  • Magill forceps are one of several tools that aided in the development of modern anesthesia.
  • The tool combines long forceps with an angled handle, which keeps the hand out of the line of vision when a physician is inserting or removing tubes from the trachea or esophagus.
  • These forceps also are used to remove small objects from the throat or mouth.
  • Also known as Magill's forceps, Magill forceps come in several standard sizes.
  • In addition to a 9.5-inch (24-cm) size used for adults, there's also a 7.5-inch (19-cm) size for use on children.
  • An extra-small size of 6 inches (16 cm) is used for babies.
  • These various lengths allow physicians to use the proper length of instrument depending on the patient's size.
  • Like many medical tools that are inserted into the body to perform a task, Magill's forceps are made of stainless steel, which makes them easy to clean and sterilize.
Item Code Type
93001 Adult
93002 Child
93003 Paediatric