Lung Retractor

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Product Details

Welcome to IndoSurgicals Private Limited, your trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of the finest quality Lung Retractor, also known as the Allison Lung Spatula. As one of the largest manufacturers globally, we take pride in delivering top-notch surgical instruments that excel in various medical settings, including surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics.


Lung Retractor/Allison Lung Spatula Use: Our Allison Lung Retractor/Spatula is a specialized surgical instrument meticulously designed for the delicate handling of lung tissue during cardiovascular procedures and thoracic surgeries. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring precise surgical manipulations and gentle tissue retraction.


Product Specifications:

  • Fanned Flat Tips: Our Lung Spatula features fanned flat tips that effectively prevent tissue damage, prioritizing the safety and well-being of the patient.
  • Solid Handle: The instrument is equipped with a solid handle that offers a secure grip, enhancing control during surgical procedures.
  • Ergonomic Design: Crafted with an ergonomic design, our Allison Lung Spatula provides superior control and comfort, ensuring precise surgical maneuvers.


Key Features: Our Lung Retractor stands out due to its unique features that aid surgeons in their critical work:

  • Delicate Tissue Handling: The flattened wire blade of the spatula is ideal for the secure handling of delicate lung tissue, ensuring minimal trauma.
  • Tissue Retraction: The spatula-like tips are designed to gently retract lung tissue, granting access to surrounding structures without causing harm.
  • Tissue Safety: Smooth outer edges of the spatula prevent inadvertent trauma to surrounding tissues, prioritizing patient safety.
  • Superior Control: The solid handle and ergonomic design ensure superior control and comfortable handling during surgical procedures.


Premium Quality: Our Allison Lung Spatula is manufactured with precision from premium-quality stainless steel. The satin finish not only enhances durability but also reduces glare, improving visibility during surgery. The instrument is designed to be sterilized for reuse in multiple surgical procedures, making it a cost-effective and dependable choice for healthcare professionals.


At IndoSurgicals, we are dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the highest quality surgical instruments. Trust in our expertise as a leading manufacturer and supplier in the industry. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who rely on our products for their surgical needs.


Choose IndoSurgicals for your Lung Retractor or Allison Lung Spatula requirements, and experience the difference that precision, quality, and trust make in the world of surgical instruments. Contact us today to explore our product offerings and place your order with confidence.