Morris Abdominal Retractor

SKU: 97018
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited stands proudly as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of the Morris Abdominal Retractor. Recognized for best quality, our product has found its esteemed place in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics around the globe.


Product Use:

The Morris Abdominal Retractor, a pivotal instrument in the world of surgery, is specifically crafted to enhance the visual field in thoracoabdominal surgeries. It plays a vital role in widening the incision edges, ensuring a clear, unobstructed view for surgeons during complex procedures.


Product Specifications:

  • Design & Use: The retractor is known for its L-shaped blade, ideal for performing deep retractions. The elongated slim shaft further bolsters visibility, ensuring surgical precision.

  • Safety: With blunted rims on the blade, the Morris Retractor is meticulously designed to avoid local injury, ensuring patient safety at every step.

  • Handle: The ergonomic fenestrated handle promises unparalleled control, allowing surgeons to perform with confidence and efficiency.

  • Variety: We understand the diverse needs of the medical field. Hence, our Morris Retractors are available in multiple sizes, including 2", 2.5", and 3", catering to various surgical requirements.


Why IndoSurgicals?

When you opt for IndoSurgicals, you're not just choosing a product; you're trusting a legacy of quality, precision, and reliability. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, our commitment lies in delivering excellence to surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics worldwide.


Embark on a journey of surgical precision with IndoSurgicals' Morris Abdominal Retractor.


Item Code Size
97018 Morris Abdominal Retractor 2"
97019 Morris Abdominal Retractor 2.5"
97020 Morris Abdominal Retractor 3"