Solid State Electro Surgical Unit 700 SS UB

SKU: 19005
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details

TUR (Under Water Surgery)
TURP and Laparoscopic Surgery Can Perform All Types of General Surgery Also

The Healotom 700 SS UB is a multipurpose Electro surgical unit, ideally suitable for cutting and coagulation with high degree of precision. It is a small compact light weight unit and easy to handle.

The Healotom 700 SS UB is offers, continuously variable desired for pure cut or cutting with homeostasis.

For patient safety the patient is protect by a sentry circuit that cuts off output automatically also the patient output circuit is isolated from the power circuit.

The output of the unit is independent of input supply voltage and frequency fluctuation of ± 10%

The high output of the Healsotom 700 SS UB is useful in trans-utheral resection (TUR) of the prostate underwater cutting & T.U.R.P.

Technical Details

  • Output monopolar generator high frequency: 500 KHz + 10%
  • Cut control full scale (Pure) : 375W ± 10% 500 load
  • Cut control full scale (blend): 250W ± 10%, 500 load (continuous blending through homeostasis control)
  • Coag control full scale: 160W ± 10%, 500 load
  • Bipolar generator: 100W ± 10%, 100 load power, 220V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz single phase.

Standard Accessories

  • Active handle with cable and jack pin: 1 Pc.
  • Patient plate with cable: 1 Pc.
  • Autoclavable stainless steel electrode: 1 Set
  • Insulated bipolar forceps with cable: 1 Pc.
  • Main cord: 1 Pc.
  • Machine caver: 1 Pc.
  • Hand Switch inbuilt cut & coag: 1 Pc.
  • Double pedal foot switch with international coading: 1 Pc.
  • Spare glass fuse: 5 Pcs

Standard Accessories

  • Main cord: 1 Pc.
  • Unit cover: 1 Pc.
  • Spare fuse : 5 Pc.
  • Unipalor surgical handle with cable: 1 Pc.
  • Electrode set (Set of 5 different electrode): 1 Set
  • Bi-Polar breeps: 1 Pc.
  • Double pedal foot switch: 1 Pc.
  • Inactive plate with wire: 1 Pc.

Optional Accessories

  • Mobile trolley powder coated with locking wheel.
  • Servo/ CVT/ Stabilizer
  • Autoclavable Pencil Handle with cutting and coagiation (Hand Switch)