E.S.U. Solid State Healotom 250 SS UB

SKU: 19003
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details

Specifications :

Surgical Diathermy Solid State for general Surgical Operation. This unit is Bipolar and Unipolar combined and has maximum output 250 watts with independent cutting & coagulation circuit. Different audible signals are provided for cutting and coagulation. Patient circuit is isolated and gives alarm if patient plate is disconnected or becomes loose. Separate colour code for cutting and coagulation.

Supplied with set of accessories

  • Surgical Handle with Cable
  • Insulated Bipolar Forceps with cable
  • Double Pedal Foot Switch
  • Main Line Cord
  • 5 Spare Fuses
  • 5 surgical electrode

Technical Details 

  • Main supply: 220 Volts 50 Cycles AC
  • Cutting output: 225w +/- 20w 500 ΩL
  • Coagolation output: 150w +/- 10w 500 ΩL
  • Bi-palor output: 125w +/- 10w 500 ΩL
  • Monopolar generator: 500 +/- 25 KHz.