Bipolar, Austin Moore and Thompson prosthesis Instrument set

SKU: 36052
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited excels as one of the most trusted and largest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of the Bipolar, Austin Moore, and Thompson Prosthesis Instrument Set. Renowned for our commitment to quality, we deliver top-tier surgical instruments that are indispensable in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics across the globe.


Product Description

The IndoSurgicals Bipolar, Austin Moore, and Thompson Prosthesis Instrument Set is specially designed for hip replacement surgeries and other orthopedic procedures involving prosthesis implantation. This comprehensive set comprises precision tools engineered to facilitate the accurate placement and removal of hip prostheses, ensuring surgical excellence and patient safety.

As a premier manufacturer and supplier, IndoSurgicals ensures that each instrument set adheres to the highest standards of quality and performance. Our reliable distribution network enables us to supply these crucial tools to medical facilities worldwide.


Bipolar, Austin Moore, and Thompson Prosthesis Use

The IndoSurgicals Bipolar, Austin Moore, and Thompson Prosthesis Instrument Set is used primarily in orthopedic surgeries for the implantation and extraction of hip joint prostheses. These instruments are crucial for procedures requiring precise manipulation and fitting of hip implants.


Product Specifications and Individual Uses:

  • Box Chisel AMP & Bipolar: Used to cut and shape bone for the fitting of prostheses.
  • Head Impactor: Facilitates the secure placement of the prosthesis head into the bone.
  • Murphy Skid: Aids in positioning and adjusting the prosthesis during surgery.
  • Judet Auger Extractor for Hip Joint / Head Extractor Cork Screw: Extracts the prosthesis from the bone.
  • Head Gauge Set of 19: Measures the prosthesis to ensure the correct size is implanted.
  • Head Extractor with Two Hooks: Removes the prosthesis head safely and efficiently.
  • Thompson Rasp – For Standard and Regular/Narrow Stems: Shapes the bone to prepare for the prosthesis stem insertion.
  • Rasp for Austin Moore – Standard: Prepares the femoral cavity for the Austin Moore prosthesis.
  • Bipolar Rasp - Standard: Used to shape the femoral head to fit bipolar prostheses.
  • Tomy Bar 4: Used for fine adjustments and alignments of the prosthesis during the procedure.