Small Fragment Instrument Set

SKU: 35489
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited is celebrated as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of the IndoSurgicals Small Fragment Instrument Set. Known for our commitment to quality and precision, our products are pivotal in the operational success of surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics globally.


Product Description

The IndoSurgicals Small Fragment Instrument Set is expertly crafted to assist medical professionals in the meticulous handling of small bone fragments during orthopedic surgeries. Each instrument in this set is designed for optimal performance, enhancing the precision and efficiency required in complex surgical procedures.

As a renowned manufacturer and supplier, IndoSurgicals Private Limited guarantees that every piece of the Small Fragment Instrument Set adheres to the highest standards of quality. Our products are trusted worldwide, making us a leading choice for healthcare institutions across the globe.


Small Fragment Instrument Set Use

The IndoSurgicals Small Fragment Instrument Set is specifically designed for orthopedic procedures involving small bones and fragments, such as those found in the hands, feet, and facial skeleton. This set enables surgeons to perform fixation, manipulation, and implant placement with high accuracy and reduced surgical time.


Product Specifications:

The Small Fragment Instrument Set includes:

  • Periosteal Elevator 8 mm: For separating periosteum from bone.
  • Depth Gauge Small: For measuring screw length accurately.
  • Plate Bender Small – Pair: For contouring metal plates to fit the anatomy.
  • Hohmann Retractor 12 mm and 8 mm (2X each): For retracting soft tissue and exposing bone.
  • Sharp Hook: For grasping and holding tissues.
  • Quick Coupling Screw Driver: For rapid screw driving.
  • Drill Bits (2.5 mm and 3.5 mm): For creating pilot holes in bone.
  • Screw Driver with Holding Sleeve: Provides grip and precision.
  • Quick Coupling T Handle: Enhances torque and control.
  • Combined Drill and Tap Sleeve 2.7x3.5: For drilling and tapping in one step.
  • Drill Guide neutral and load: For guided drilling operations.
  • Self-centering Bone Holding Forceps (2X): For holding bone fragments during surgery.
  • Reduction Forceps Serrated and Pointed: For manipulating bone fragments.
  • Drill Bit for Locking Screw 2.8 mm (2X): Specifically for locking screws.
  • Osteotome Fiber Handle 10 mm: For cutting and shaping bone.
  • Wire Sleeve: For guiding wires used in surgeries.
  • Bone Taps for 4 mm Cancellous and 3.5 mm Cortical Screws: For threading holes for screw insertion.
  • Counter Sink: For preparing bone surface for screw heads.
  • Locking Drill Sleeve (2X): For precise drilling without slippage.
  • Screw Driver 3.5 mm: For driving screws of specific diameter.