Large Fragment Instrument Set

SKU: 35440
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited is internationally recognized as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of the Large Fragment Instrument Set. We are committed to providing the best quality surgical instruments to surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics worldwide. Our dedication to excellence has made us a leader in the healthcare supply sector, serving numerous countries across the globe.


Product Description

The IndoSurgicals Large Fragment Instrument Set is specifically designed for orthopedic surgeries involving large bone fragments. This comprehensive set includes a variety of high-quality tools essential for effective surgical procedures, ensuring both precision and reliability. Our instruments are crafted to meet the stringent demands of modern surgical environments, making them indispensable to healthcare professionals.


Large Fragment Instrument Set Use

The Large Fragment Instrument Set from IndoSurgicals is crucial for handling large bone surgeries such as repairs of fractures in long bones, including femurs, tibias, and humeri. This set aids in the accurate placement of implants, manipulation of bone fragments, and ensures the stability required for successful surgical outcomes.


Product Specifications and Individual Uses:

  • Depth Gauge Large: Measures the depth of the hole to determine screw length accurately.
  • Plate Bender Large – Pair: Contours metallic plates to fit bone curvatures.
  • Drill Bits (locking 4 mm, locking 4.3 mm, quick coupling 3.2 mm, quick coupling 4.5 mm): Various sizes for precise drilling to accommodate screws and hardware.
  • Drill Guide neutral and load: Guides the drill bit during the drilling process to ensure accuracy.
  • Sleeve: Protects soft tissue during drilling and screw placement.
  • Reduction Forceps Serrated Medium: Grasps and holds bone fragments during reduction.
  • Combined Drill and Tap Sleeve 3.2X4.5: Simplifies the process of drilling and tapping screw holes.
  • Counter Sink 8 mm: Prepares bone for the head of the screw to sit flush with the bone surface.
  • C pointed drill guide: Aids in the placement of pins and wires.
  • Hohmann Retractors (20 mm, 25 mm): Retracts soft tissue to expose the surgical area.
  • Drill and tap sleeve 3.2X6.5: Allows for simultaneous drilling and tapping, speeding up the procedure.
  • Periosteal Elevator 12 mm: Used to detach the periosteum from bone to expose the surgical site.
  • Screw Drivers (4.5 mm with holding sleeve, 4.5 mm with silicon handle): Tightens and loosens screws during surgical procedures.
  • Pointed Reduction Forceps Medium: Helps in aligning bone fragments.
  • Self-centering Bone Holding Forceps – 2X: Holds bones securely during surgery.
  • Quick coupling screw driver 4.5 mm: Enhances speed and efficiency in screw driving.
  • Reduction forceps large: Facilitates the manipulation of larger bone fragments.
  • Locking drill sleeve 4.5 mm: Ensures the drill does not slip during the procedure.