Pipette Bulb

SKU: 35031
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details
  • IndoSurgicals offers Pipette bulbs, a high-quality product made from durable rubber material.
  • Our Pipette bulbs are specifically designed for use in laboratories, catering to the needs of scientists, researchers, and technicians.
  • The bulbs are available in three convenient sizes: Small (10ml), Medium (15ml), and Large (20ml), ensuring versatility and compatibility with various pipettes.
  • Made of rubber, our Pipette bulbs provide a comfortable grip and precise control during pipetting procedures, enhancing accuracy in laboratory experiments.
  • IndoSurgicals Pipette bulbs undergo strict quality control measures to meet industry standards, ensuring reliable performance and minimal risk of leaks or contamination.
Item Code Size approx.
35031 Small 10ml
35032 Medium 15ml
35033 Large 20ml