Breast Pump

SKU: 35007
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details
  • IndoSurgicals offers Breast Pumps, a high-quality product made from durable rubber material.
  • Our Breast Pumps are suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, and can also be used personally at home.
  • The Breast Pump features a complete design with a glass barrel and rubber bulb, ensuring a hygienic and efficient pumping experience.
  • Made of rubber, the Breast Pump provides a comfortable and secure grip for effective milk expression.
  • IndoSurgicals Breast Pumps are designed to meet the needs of nursing mothers and healthcare professionals, providing convenience, reliability, and ease of use.
Item Code Size 
35007 Breast pump, complete (glass barrel + rubber bulb)
35008 Rubber bulbs for breast pump, 55ml
35009 Rubber bulbs for breast pump, 25ml