Venesafe (I.V. Cannula)

SKU: GS-3207
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IV Cannula Size
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Product Details
  • Specially Designed Innovative Safety Cannula.
  • The cannula protects the healthcare provider from the risks associated with accidental needle stick injuries.
  • It allows caregivers safe and easy I.V access.
  • Special double tapered and Kink resistant FEP-Teflon catheter.
  • Unique mechanism on the tip which immediately covers the sharp tip of the needle upon withdrawal ; Robust needle tip protection.
  • Self-activating safety mechanism prevents the incidences of needle stick injuries and blood splash.
  • Triple faceted needle tip for improved patient comfort and reduced incidences of complications like phlebitis.
  • Luer lock end allows universal attachment to all standard devices.
  • Sterile, Individually packed in blister pack with tyvek lid.
  • Box of 50


Special Features

  • Safety mechanism
  • Smooth edged safety needle
  • Prevents needle-stick injuries and blood splash


Size Length
18 G 45 mm
20 G 32 mm
22 G 25 mm
24 G 19 mm